Muscle Benefits In Old Age Athelio

You often see young men and women with a well-toned fit body flexing their muscles and demonstrating their sex appeal. These days, muscles look great on men and women but they become much more attractive when we age.

However, their benefits go beyond just the aesthetics. Here are important reason to build muscle strength and how you could benefit from them in your old age:

Preventing falls

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As you age, a fall could put you at a serious risk of injury or a long-term disability. Falls have been a leading cause of injury among older adults. Muscle and strength at that age can increase your stability and allow you to catch your balance if you tend to fall.

Making everyday tasks easier

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However young or old you are, life requires mobility. Everyday tasks that seemed easy in your childhood become increasingly difficult as you age. In fact ability to get up from your chair and walk can make a difference between living independently or not. Similarly, reaching for dishes or other items kept above your head become impossible without strong shoulders and biceps.

Retain Energy

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According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, strength training gives you more energy. When you workout to build muscles, endorphins are released by body that helps trigger positive feelings. Lifting weights also improves heart health which will give you increased energy throughout the day.

Controlling Weight

Muscles burn more calories than fat even when your body is at rest. Having muscles at your old age would help you in increasing your metabolism, burning more calories and therefore controlling weight .

Getting rid of back pain


Lower back pain is a common old-age problem. Strength training tones your muscles throughout the core of your body. This reduces the stress on your spine and balances the muscles in your back alleviating the back pain.

There are number of ways to increase your muscle strength. You need to find activities that interests you and fit your lifestyle. Not all strength training requires long hour commitments in the gym and even pushups or sit-ups can be just as effective. Being consistent with your exercises for two to three times a week is the key.

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