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We take a bath everyday to cleanse ourselves from daily dirt and sweat from our skin. But have you heard about detox bath? Detox bath is truly an ancient technique to get rid of harmful toxins present inside the body. It also helps skin to absorb all the minerals and nutrients that are needed by the body in various amounts and needs.

These steps can help you lead a wonderful and enjoyable bath after a stressful day:

Choose a day when you’re free enough to spare at least 40 minutes for this bath. First 20 minutes will be dedicated to cleaning all the toxins off the body and then the rest of the time is used to absorb nutrients.

1. Fill Water:

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Fill the tub with water and also don’t forget to use a chlorine filter if you have one ready.

2. Put In Epsom Salt:

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Epsom salt also called magnesium sulphate is added to the water. Sulphate present helps wash away toxins from your body.

The amount of salt differs from person to person:

  • For children up to 60 pounds use half a cup.
  • For children from 60 to 100 pounds add one cup
  • For others use 2 cups of Epsom salt.

3. Baking Soda:

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One or two cups of baking soda is added. It is known for detoxification, and will also fight against fungal diseases. Additionally, it makes skin soft.

4. Ginger Or Ginger Tea:

Not more a one-third cup. Ginger is also a powerful detoxifying agent that helps in removing toxins from the body. Whether it is ginger or ginger tea it has same effects.

5. Essential Oils:

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Essential oils are used to get some aroma therapy along with these helpful ingredients. It’s a win-win situation for a stressful condition. You can use up to 20 drops of lavender oil or eucalyptus oil for a relaxing time. Adding extra herbs can also get the game lit!

7. Drink Water:

After detoxification, it is a must to drink water as it is a great way to eliminate those piled up toxins.


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  • Not recommended for pregnant ladies, people with heart or kidney diseases.
  • Be careful while adding herbs. Make sure to read up about them as you don’t want some harmful herbs to harm you in this peaceful time.
  • Try to avoid hydrogen peroxide which can have a corrosive effect on your skin.

Apart from these cautions this bath has a lot of benefits. Hoping you have a peaceful and much awaited no stress bath.

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