You’re in the gym first thing in the morning ready to hit the treadmill burning those calories of the pizza you had last night. But before you hit running trails, consider a brief session of warm up.

With every exercise completion end it with a few minutes of cool down. You might think to add just a few more minutes to your workout but it has a high significance in your workout.


These were basically incorporated in workouts to induce a slower pace and a reduced intensity. A warm up is undertaken to activate and elevate your cardiovascular system. When you indulge in a warm-up session your body temperature increases due to increases blood flow to your muscles, activating them for your regime. Warm-up reduces chances of muscle injury and soreness.

After you are done with your intense regime, your body is in a state of elevated heart rate and blood pressure. You cells are starved of oxygen and your body is producing lactic acid instead of pyruvate. This lactic acid utilises all the oxygen of your body cells leading to shortening of breath and deep breathing to recover the oxygen.

If you indulge in another strenuous exercise without cooling down, the lactic acid might deposit in your muscle leading to fatigue, inactivation and paralysis.


Performing the right kind of exercise and activating the right kind of muscle group is very important while warming up. A warm up is performed according to the muscle group you will be stressing for the day.

So begin your activity with a low and slow pace and then gradually increase the speed and intensity. A warm up will not tire you but in might produce mild sweating. Conversely for cooling down perform with a slow pace and reducing intensity.

Stretching exercises works best for warm-up and cool down phase. You joints can function in the fullest range of motion preventing from any injury. A brisk walk or a slow run might help you with your warm-up and cool down.


A warm-up leads to increase in body temperature, respiration and heart rate which leads to increase in blood flow to your muscles. This supplies more oxygen to your cells which stimulates your workout session.

A general cool down leads to lowering of body temperature, removing of metabolic wastes and excess of norepinephrine replacing the carbon dioxide in your cells with oxygen t prevent from any muscle injury.

The number of hours you spent on your body doesn’t matter. What matters is how much of it was productive enough for you. A typical warm up and cool down will help you in making the most out of your session. So add on these extra minutes to your workout and get amazed with the strength and power you feel within yourself.

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