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Our daily chores are quite important and take up a chunk of the day. But that doesn’t stop you from achieving a fitter and healthier system. If gymming does not fit well into your schedules, worry not, we are here to help you

Our activities starting from the morning, all have a dash of speed, stretching, sprinting and weight lift. We can always treat them as small routines of workouts. Let us see through these workout-like activities your haven’t noticed for their benefits before :

1. Run Up Stairs Instead of Using Lifts

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We are so used to catching up to a closing elevator that we forget the staircase right beside it. Be awake on time and use your office or work staircase. Also, comfort isn’t the key to fitness, hence instead of taking steps, run like a madman on a cardio machine! make slow stops and rush up again, higher the floor, better calorie burn.

2. Efficient Workouts at Home

Gym is just the major boost your mind needs to aim for a better healthy lifestyle. But if you have it in you to make the change no matter, make your home that strenuous playground. The web is filled with HIIT workouts, zumba and pilates tutorials that you can use at any point of the day when there is a bit of time in hand. Start with a 10-15 minutes daily routine, within a week you’ll see a beautiful change in your strength and energy.

3. Pair Up with a Pal or Date

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Everyone has a role in our lives. We meet friends and loved ones for certain reasons. Everything is connected. So why not a few habits. What’s better than to have a good gym partner. A friend will motivate your pace, compete with your progress and keep you on toes. A lover will give you that adrenaline boost to impress them through better weightlifting, fitter routines and just thrill of making changes together. Who knows, both these people can be just one person, your friend and flame.

4. Keep Workout Appointments

If everyday morning or evening gym becomes overwhelming, make it 3-4 times a day. This way, alternate workout days will provide a day of rest where you can mentally gear up for your next appointment. Appointments are easier to keep if you can make sure your mind and body are ready for a new day or exercise.

5. Have Fun

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Find cardio boring? Pump up the music and time your steps and cycling with the beats. Our minds are used to following rhythms in every movement of the body. Simply taking the morning run can be made fun with a bit of music and enthusiasm to keep yourself motivated.

6. Exercise Breaks in Office

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Stretching is vital during office hour. Sitting in one position for too long might lead to muscle cramps that aren’t the most helpful if you need to quickly walk over to the next stall. During office breaks, take a stroll, move around heavy file boxes, help out a friend or do simple stretches in your cubicle. This will keep the blood flow and digestive system smooth and running.

7. Sign Up for Marathons

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Be aware of any charity races and similar events in your city. If they fall on a weekend, nothing more perfect. Sign up for such marathons, practice and go for the runs with your known ones from around. You’ll not only meet new people but learn more about the need of healthy living through such organizations. This will also break the mundane work schedules you remain in throughout the week.

8. Walk Over to Work

If your office is nearby, possibly a few bus-stops away, try walking over to the workplace. For this, you might not to break your sleep early but have a healthy start of the day. Initially, try getting down 2 stops away from yours and walk over, increase the distance steadily. With play-as-you-go games such as Pokemon Go that come with a built-in distance and calorie counter, catch the little critters on the way and count the calories you lose everyday.

9. Stretches During Me-Time

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While watching something on your phone in your bed, you can try out many abs workout, crunches, bicycle kicks and glutes exercises. The comfort of the body will take away the tired feeling and make you feel more productive. These can also be done while watching TV or speaking to someone on the phone, simply use your ear-phones to stay connected.

These are simple changes in your everyday routine that will not make workout sound like an extra activity on your everyday list. So gear up minimum for the maximum effort.


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