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The concept of ideal body weight might sound a little strict. But if I am to choose between being healthy and having a heart problem, I would possibly go for the former. That can only be achieved through understanding how the ideal bodyweight system works.

The saying is not far from our strive to be healthy and fit. For example, when it comes to fitting in our favorite dresses, what have we not done? I personally remember the trend surrounding tummy-tuckers and have also tried once just out of curiosity.
One thing I have found out while growing up is that sometimes we forget about the easier ways to fit into a dress.
Our bodies evolve with time, and so does our digestive cycle, bone health, and food habits. The moment we look into our daily meals and activity cycles, it becomes clearer what is best for us.

Understanding Body Weight Athelio Com

There are many ways in which our weight can give away the certificate of healthier choices.
Let’s take a look at the BMI scale. BMI calculates your body mass on the basis of your body weight and height. It is not really more than just an estimated numerical figure projecting your health.
It arrives at a solution by taking your height (in cms. or ft.) and weight (in kgs. or pounds)
The scale has a series of numbers between which, we are either underweight, overweight, etc.
Here is the range of numbers signifying an individual’s health
Under 19 = underweight
19 to 24 = normal
25 to 29 = overweight
30 to 39 = obese
40 and above = clinically obese

There are many life-threatening health problems that are contacted from higher BMI numbers, such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, and cancer. In order to steer clear of such health risks, checking up on the BMI scale is always a wise option.

Age And Weight Athelio Com

There are, however, a few flaws in the BMI numbers. For starters, this system does not take gender, age, and muscle mass. In the case of age, as we grow older, we tend to lose a lot of muscle mass and bone strength. This can tumble around with the BMI ratings and hence, providing incorrect data that does not bond well with people of age.
It is a known fact that women have more body fat instead of muscle mass, which is quite the opposite for a man. So a man with the 40s rating on the BMI scale can be misunderstood to be clinically obese.
BMI shows a general fix to the issues of confusion, but we can always look further.

There is also the option of checking the waist-to-height ratio.
It is said that our waist size should always be less than half of our height. The moment it exceeds that scale, obesity hits.
This seems a better and more accurate as these measurements do not depend on gender and muscle mass entirely. But which affects your age is an important part of this test.

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There are sites to check, simply measure your height and waist size (both in inches) and you’ll be good to go.

There are quite a few other ways to find out the ideal body weight suitable for the age. It is important to remember that being healthy after a certain age caters to having a stress-free life to be in.

The concept of the ideal weight strikes many to be just for being slim. But the science behind health is much more complicated as well as, intriguing in terms of keeping us fit and fine.





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