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As a mother, understanding if a baby is hungry through coos and cries might be a challenge. However, with practice, you can start to detect a child’s call for hunger, as well as fullness.

As kids are unable to speak coherently, there are certain signs that you can follow to understand their appetite. 

And these would be:


Till 6 months of age


If your child is hungry, they shall

  • Lick their lips or pucker them while cooing,
  • Put their hands or just fingers inside their mouth. 
  • Lean their head forward to your breast or towards the bottle you are holding. 
  • Ball their tiny palms up. 

If your child is full, they shall:

  • Their hands relax down and un-balls. 
  • They stop cooing and close their mouth. 
  • They turn their heads away from the milk. 


Till 12 Months of Age:


If your child is hungry, they shall: 

  • They reach their hands out when they can see the food. 
  • A child’s happiness is in their eyes and mouth as they smile and laugh at the sight of food. 
  • They learn certain sounds and small incorrigible words that indicate that they are hungry. 

If your child is full, they shall:

  • They become more eager to sleep.
  • A full child shall become fussy if not allowed to fall asleep after their meals. 
  • They will look away from the food and spoons that have food. 
  • They throw tantrums if told to eat more and can start crying. 


Till 2 Years of Age:


If your child is hungry, they shall: 

  • They are excited to see food and smiles. 
  • Additionally, they point at the food when excited. 
  • They also wave their hand to show if still hunger. 
  • Their mouth opens when they see food on a spoon. 

If your child is full, they shall:

  • They might rub their tummy or make other hand motions to show that they are full. 
  • These children also push their food away using their hands. 
  • They can also shut their mouth and refuse to open it for more spoonfuls. 
  • Their heads turn away from the sight of food. 

Understanding if your baby is hungry or not can be a big fuss, but with practice, you can start detecting their languages quicker!

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