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Remember the little Spring festivals we held in our gardens, as children? It was the most beautiful memory etched in my memory. To me, spring was about care. We come out of our shivering shells to stretch out in the sun and green.

As I’ve grown up, the changes in my skin health. Winter season can be quite savage to our skin. Dried scalp, cracked heels and chapped lips are as torturing as they sound.

When it came to the scalp, olive oil did the trick. What’s better than pumice foot scrub on alternate days? But the lips? Well here’s how.

1. Drink Enough Water

Drink Water Athelio Com

No brand of lip balm can be strong enough to ward off the dry breeze. Even if you dab your lips with the best balms, in a few hours, it’s the dry sticky feel all over again. But should this be the everyday hassle? Of course not, as we have Mother Nature to provide. Make sure you drink at least 10 glasses of water throughout the day. Our skin remains supple and healthy more so with proper hydration.

2. Opt for Medicated Balms

Caring Balm Athelio Com

Most often, we choose lip balms depending upon the color, the scent and of course, the brand. But how about their effectiveness? Our lips deserve the best treatment as it is the softest part of our skin. Medicated lip balms might be quite ‘vanilla’ but work wonders on the lips. They shield the lips from cracking and even bleeding. Medicated lip balms moisturize the lips and protect them from UV rays of the sun. Soak in the sun with zero remorse!

3. Exfoliate

Scrubs Athelio Com

Has anything stopped us from chewing on the dry lip skin film on our lips? Well, the 20+ woman in me refuses to answer. But well, it is never the healthiest thing to do. Natural scrubs which are available in the market, provide tender and loving care to the lips. If you’re a stern home-made recipe kinda girl, honey and sugar can do the trick. These scrubs are filled with natural goodness and make sure that your lips remain healthy and soft for cupcakes and kisses.

These are simple self-care techniques which can bring out the healthy and smooth lips from their winter hibernation.


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