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After a decade of dismantling the empire in itself that is my curly hair, I realized that straightening it out was never the solution. Somehow, by recent trends and pressure from the beauty industry, we have been forced to straighten out the hair or smoothen it through keratin treatment. Our manes are meant to rise with the wind, twirling wildly between fingers, making us gorgeous look like lionesses.

Here are a few tips to make sure the curls remind healthy and well-nourished.

1. Hair Care

Coconut Oil Athelio Com

– Massage your hair with hot oil. Be it summer or the rains, apply a warm concoction of coconut and olive oil over your scalp. This nourishes the roots and strengthens them from within. Heat up coconut oil and add a few drops of olive oil. Apply over the scalp and massage it down the strands of your hair.

– Apply hair masks over your hair at least once or twice a week. Either make natural hair masks at home or opt for medicated packs. These protect and repair the damaged follicles from within, providing a healthy shine. Keep on for 30-45 minutes before washing with mild, medicated and sulfate-free shampoo.

2. Washing Tips

Shampoo Athelio Com

– Use paraben and sulfate-free shampoos and deep conditioning. These are super effective for curly hair treatment. The follicles should not be stripped of its natural moisture. Look into ingredients of the shampoos and conditioners before buying to be sure of better choices.

– Do not wash hair daily. This can dry out your hair, making it limp and unhealthy. If your hair accumulates dirt quickly, you can wash hair on alternate days at maximum. Try washing 4 times a week and letting masks do the trick on the other days.

3. Types of Equipment to Use

Combs Athelio Com

Don’t use those thin combs as they can increase the strain on your hair. Its better to use a wide toothed comb gently on your hair.

Let me know if you find any more tips to take care of the curly. I would love to add those in my next post.


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