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If you wish to quit cigarette smoking, it can be a challenge if you have been a heavy smoker. However, it is also the first step to quitting smoking. 

While some cannot go an hour without a puff, others might indulge in chain-smoking. And none of these are healthy by any means. 

So if you are someone who wishes to quit smoking, this is the blog for you.

Today we shall learn all about how to resist tobacco and quit smoking at a steady pace. 

These are various ways to deflect the need to smoke, such as:


Resist the “Just One” Crave

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When you are quitting, the first notion might be to start reducing your intake at first. However, having less daily is as unhealthy as multiples.

Hence, when you quit, quit for good. Try to stay away from the tobacco craving by throwing away your lighter, packets, and other components. 


Opt for Nicotine Gums

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source: https://www.quitgenius.com/resources/nicotine-gum-guide

Prescribed nicotine gums are a great way to reduce your tobacco craving. And this is as you have something in your mouth to chew on for longer. 

Now, this is also known as Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

When you keep the mouth busy with food you shall lesser desire to puff a cigarette. Moreover, these act as a stress-buster substitute for your mouth, as most smoking habits come from stress. 

You can even try out celery sticks, carrots, or even nicotine lozenges that your doctor might prescribe to resist intense urges to smoke. 


Stay Strong in the Face of Triggers

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If you come across people or friend who is smoking, do you best to not fall back into your old habits. Moreover, the situation might stress you out, which induces the need to smoke.

Instead, play some games on your phone, complete the conversation quickly, and leave. 

You can also let them know about your journey and even help them quit cigarette smoking. A little help goes a long way. 

Hence, if you wish to quit this dangerous habit today, take your first step and seek medical help. In this way, you can release yourself from the clutches of various ailments. 

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