When you reduce stress, you might start seeing your surrounding in a warmer color. And when you do this daily, the feeling shall be more positive throughout. 

Our daily stress has become a prolonged issue, especially during the lockdown. And the uncertainty in the COVID19 might also have affected our mental health. 

However, we can brush that aside and look towards a brighter future every day. Let us learn that today!


Eat Right

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It is important to enjoy what you eat. And this fulfilling enjoyment can help calm your mind. For example, while burgers excite you, you might worry about excess calories. 

Instead, opt for a plate of grilled chicken with veggies. This is nutritious, healthy, and can be quite delicious. And the joy of good food can help fight off excess stress. 


 Drink Adequate Water

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In current times, we tend to undermine the need to drink water. However, it is more than an option. 

When you drink adequate water daily, your body can perform several functions, including boosting digestion. 

It also helps balance bodily fluids, creates saliva, and helps you stay fresh. 

Moreover, you can have water in many ways. A glass of fresh apple juice in the morning or a cup of green tea for the evening rest is beneficial to your health. 

Both of these are refreshing and can help to reduce stress and panic as you enjoy your sip. 


Practice Stretching Exercises

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Stretching can help soothe tightness in your muscles. After a hard day of work, you might notice your neck and joints feeling stiff. 

And these are results of prolonged stress on the body. However, when you perform some light stretching exercises at home, your body shall feel more relaxed, calm, and energized.


 Set Strict Work-Hours

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One of the crucial reasons for 2020 stress would be work hours. Nowadays, your 9-5 might have become 9-10 due to increased work pressure. 

Therefore, make sure to enforce your work hours strictly. Moreover, do not forget to inform your clients about these hours, after which you shall be unreachable. 

Moreover, you can also practice staying away from checking emails and prompts about the next day’s work past your work hours. 

These tips are simple, effective, and can certainly help you reduce the WFH stress! 

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