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Each part of our body sheds weight at its own time. But with a balanced amount of workouts, we can time it all at a singular steady pace. While shoulders and waist take a moderate amount of workouts to shed flab from, our thighs and tummies can be quite stubborn.

But worry not, our goal is to help you reduce thigh fat and have them looking perfectly toned. Here are a few ways :

1. Side Kicks

  • Stand with your legs at shoulder length distance
  • Balance your body weight on your left leg and lift your right leg to the side
  • Be sure to bend your body to the left while your right leg is raised
  • Keep the leg lifted for 2 seconds and bring it down.
  • Try this pose 10 times each leg for 3 reps

2. Back Kicks

  • Bring your body down on all fours
  • Balance your body on your palms and knees
  • Keeping the abdomen tight, raise your right leg and stretch it up
  • Keep the leg lifted for 2 seconds and bring it down
  • Practice 1 raises each leg for 3 reps.

3. Leg Curls while Standing

  • While standing, hold a rod above or balance your body on something near you
  • Keeping core strength intact, lift your left leg back, bringing your toes close to the back of your knee
  • Keep this leg raised for 3-4 seconds and bring it down
  • Repeat 10 times on each leg for 2 reps

4. Lunges

  • Stand with your legs parallel to your shoulder-length
  • Bring your right leg in front, toes, and heels on the floor
  • Next, bend down your right leg, thighs going parallel to the ground
  • This will automatically toggle the left leg to bend down till the knees touch the ground
  • Rise up and return to the previous position
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times in 3 reps

5. Knee Pulling

  • Lie down on a mat and let your legs stretch out
  • Bend in your right¬†leg towards your abdomen, holding it in place with your hand
  • Maintain this position for 2 seconds and release the leg
  • Try 10 counts each leg for 3 reps

6. Ankle Touch

  • Stand with the legs beyond your should length
  • Do a few stretching exercises to warm up your body
  • Bend your upper body down, not breaking the knees
  • Touch your feet with your fingers
  • Rest the body in this pose for 2 seconds and stand up
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times for 2 reps

7. Squatting

  • Stand with your legs slightly beyond your shoulder-length
  • Fold your hands in front of your chest and breathe in
  • Keeping the back straight, bend your knees down as if to sit
  • Make sure your glutes are feeling a low pressure
  • Raise yourself up and continue this 10 times for 3 reps

8. Butterfly Stretches

  • Sit up straight and stretch out your legs
  • Fold them in, feet facing each other and knees facing out
  • With your hands, hold the feet close together
  • Sit in this pose for 10 seconds, keeping your back straight
  • Try this 15 times in 2 reps

These exercises will ensure that your legs tone up steadily to look sexy and fit.


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