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Chubby cheeks are the cutest part of the face. It can be pressed, pinched or poked for affection. But have you ever wondered if it is due to the fat slowly accumulating accumulating in your body, leading to your face getting puffier? Yes, fat storage in the body reaches the face in the last. It takes a lot of time to reduce facial fat as the fat appears out of different habits we aren’t properly aware of.

Remove Fac Fat With Diet And Exercise

Let’s look at the common reasons for increased facial fat:

Junk Food Habits-

Avoiding junk food is not an easy task. But the excess amounts of unhealthy fat reaches the lower body first, causes bloating and slowly affects the face. Greens and fruits or fried food with healthy oil can be tried in order to not let obesity hit the entire body, causing it to bulge.

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Cut Excess Salt in Meals-

Excessive salt leads to water retention in the body that helps in bloating. It is not very easy to reduce salt intake in daily meals, but substituting it with low sodium salt or rock salt has their benefits. Using dry herbs such as oregano or pepper can bring taste to cooked meals. Be wary of processed food as they contain salt as preservatives. Instead choose whole foods to prepare at home.

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Stay Hydrated-

It is natural for the system to reserve water into the body when less amount of water is drank throughout the day. This type of defense mechanism causes water retention that bloats up the face. The simplest task of the day can be done with 6-8 liters in 24 hours in order to keep yourself hydrated. Remember that alcohol only causes the body to dry up should be consumed in moderation as water retention takes place when the system is dry.

Facial Exercises to Chubby Cheeks

Simhasana– This method involves sitting on both knees, opening your mouth as wide as you can and let the tongue rest out, like a lion. It strengthens the facial muscles and reduce the puffiness around the lower cheeks. This can be done 10 times in one rep

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Hippo’s Jaw- Perform the same action while standing. Give the mouth just 5 seconds to be opened wide making sure the ends of the mouth feels stretched. This exercise provides flexibility to the cheeks.

X’s and O’s- Each and every alphabet requires us to shape our mouth in order to pronounce them. Pronouncing X and O requires two opposite facial movements. Extend the movements till the jaws expand on X and contract fully on O. Keep each movement for a second and move to the next one. You can perform it 20 times in one rep.

Pouting- Yes we do it and yes we make fun of it as well. But it is now even a good exercise to lose facial fat. So no complaints! Pull your lips closer like a fish and keep it for 5 seconds. This can be done 10 times in one rep.

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Chin-Ups- Lift your head up, point out the chin and hold your tongue out. This can onso be done 10 times, 5 seconds each. The exercise helps in reducing double chins and accumulated fats under the chin that makes the face look round.

Puff to Lose Puff- Blow in air inside one of the cheek, keep it for 5 second and transfer it to the other cheek, doing the same timing. This helps in strengthening the cheek muscles and reducing fat. You can try it for 10 times in one rep.

Massage the Face- Massaging the face with upward palm movements help in toning the face from being to frumpy and having a heavy face. Perform circular movements on cheeks that point upwards, horizontal stretching on the forehead and stretch out the skin near the eyes.

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These exercises can only achieve their best results when paired up with a proper diet. If you don’t stop eating  junk food it won’t going to help you. Most important thing to keep the face glowing and toned is to smile and laugh. There is nothing like a good heartily laugh.

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