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Nutrition is a vital aspect of our day to day lives. Fitness and nutrition together, form our health and immunity. The meals we eat on a day of workout shows the result as our energy at the gym.

Our workout should be managed in a way that the muscles get a break to heal but the body constantly sheds pounds. In order to have such a schedule formed, dividing the workout routine into 3 days. Cardio, strength exercises and the day rest day.

Cardio day means it is all about warming up the body from the treadmill, cycling and abdomen workouts.
Strength day is all about warm-ups, weight-lifting and stretching.
Rest day is the day off in order to heal wear and tear of muscles and soothe the body.

It is important to know what kind of meals should be consumed on each of these individual days. The nutrition we receive effects our healing process, speeding it up for optimum recovery.

Here is a sorted out planning for meals which suit different days of workouts :

Strength Workout Training

1. Breakfast

Make sure to eat 2 hours before heading out to the gym. Choose ingredients which include fibers, protein, and healthy fat. This help builds up the energy to be burnt during the workouts. You can try any of these combinations.

  • Avocado toast with eggs
  • Fruit smoothies.
  • Granola with Greek yogurt.
  • Oatmeals.

Granola And Yogurt Athelio Com

2. After Returning

Strength exercise makes our muscles go through severe wear and tear. In order to quicken the healing process, ingest healthy fats and protein-rich ingredients. You can choose foods basis on their protein and fat composition most of the non-veg food has lots of protein in it.

  • Grilled chicken or salmon with sauteed vegetables
  • Oatmeal with fresh cut fruits
  • Tuna and veggie sandwich
  • Grilled cottage cheese with cut fruits.
  • Tofu with stirred vegetables. (For vegetarian or vegan)

Grilled Fish Athelio Com

Cardio Workout Training

1. Breakfast

Carbs are important on this day. Protein, fibers and healthy fats should be taken into account while planning your pre-workout meal planning. Make sure you add any of these combinations for your cardio day, they have lots of carbohydrates which will provide you the boost during the long-running cardio sessions.

  • Sliced banana and peanut butter toasts.
  • 1 bowl of dried fruits on yogurt.
  • 2 hard-boiled eggs and an avocado toast.
  • Fresh fruit juice and smoothies.

Avocado On Toast Athelio Com

2. After Returning

Our bodies require replenished energy after a strenuous workout. Hence, post all the running and plank-holds, opt for refined carbs. These will digest quickly, giving you a boost of energy for a new day.

  • Brown rice and beans
  • Sweet potato grilled with spinach and green beans
  • Roasted mushrooms on green salads and crispy lentils
  • Stir-fried beef with rice noodles

Beef And Noodles Athelio Com

Rest Day

This is the day where you’re not required to gorge on high-energy food and protein-rich meals. Instead, go for foods which help you feel at home. Soul foods are a great example. Not only do they warm up your heart but also provide healthy nutrition to the body. Do not worry about fat in the food as it is an off day with the next 48 hours of healthy eating all over again.

  • Spinach and grilled sausage lasagna
  • jalapeno Cornbread with beef stock gravy
  • Shrimp and grits
  • Baked mac and cheese

Soul Food Athelio Com

Follow these meal plannings and you will see better results in converting energy to fitness within no time.


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