How To Manage Your Keto Diet With Festive Eating

Festive season is just round the corner. It’s time when you want to let yourself indulge in fun and celebrations along with guilt free eating. That means all your diet plans and schedules have to take a pause.

I’ve seen a lot of people trying to lose weight through keto diet getting concerned about how to continue with their diet amidst all these festivities. Keto diet allows you to eat hardly 20-30 grams of carbohydrates. Eating even a little extra than this can cause your fat burning mode to turn down.

Here are 5 tips that can help you survive through your vacation along with keeping up with your keto diet:

1. Try To Keep It Simple:

Most likely you’d want to stick with the meats like salmon, turkey, beef and green vegetables. Wonderful. However, most of the times extravagant food tends to have more fat. Hence you need to try and keep it simple.

That means, you’ll have to let go those dressings and sauces. They are likely to contain added sugar and preservatives which can hinder your goal. Instead, you can prepare your own customized sauces at home by simply using olive oil, mayo or blended avocado as a base. Then seasoning it with salt and plenty of flavoured herbs. Also this is the most appropriate time of the year to experiment food stuffs.

2. Be Aware About The Carb Content

Foods that are otherwise healthy could knock you off from your keto cycle in festive season. For e.g. Turkey is undoubtedly a ket-friendly low carb high fat food unless it is served drenched in that flour made gravy. Similarly, green bean casserole that you’ve always considered healthy contains 19g of carbs which makes it out of keto spree foods.

Apart from these anti-keto foods you should avoid grains, starchy vegetables, legumes, cocktails and certain dairy products.

3. Bring a Keto Dish With You

It’s always a good idea to bring something to your host’s place that does not hinder your keto diet. That way you can keep up with your keto along with lowering the pressure on your host/hostess.

Something that you can try – Simple salad with olive oil, side of broccoli or brussels sprouts along with a cappuccino cheesecake mousse.

4. Get Going On A Lot Of Activities:

Just because its a vacation doesn’t mean its time for you to sit at home and enjoy watching your tv. You must get off that comfortable couch and get some fresh air while getting indulged in some of the outdoor activities. These consists of going out for a run, playing football, volleyball or your favorite game. This increases your fat burning process as well.

5. Get Away From Negative Thoughts:

Your friends and family might consider you as a mood spoiler or a turn-off for sticking to your diet. It’s normal. Be calm and try to explain them in a different manner. Maybe show them a medical angle that your doctor has asked you to keep up with diet to support medication. There’s nothing wrong in manipulating your words as long as it keeps you aligned with your goals.

Remember, celebrations doesn’t mean going haywire with your routine and diet rather it’s the happiness that you get by achieving what you aim for. Stay strong, it’s worth it!

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