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Right from a kid to a senior citizen it has been observed that depression has taken a toll on the mental health of a person. We all may be physically fit but what about being mentally fit? A person who is not mentally happy feels that he is just existing and not living.

We all have come across cases where children feel depressed over reasons like not scoring top grades or teenagers finding it difficult to overcome a heart break or depression post a divorce or separation from parents and so on. Many senior citizens feel neglected due to their children not spending enough time with them. There are many people, just surviving at one particular organization just to support their family and kids as they do not have any option but internally they are not happy.

Everyone has problems. There are ways to tackle it. Do not let the negative energy make you down. Always remember you are in control of your mind and no one else rules it. You can decide to be happy or sad. It is all up to you.

Following are certain ways in which you can manage depression by yourself

Be Optimistic

It is difficult at the start because of the negative thoughts ruling over your mind, but is definitely not impossible. Turn the negative situation into a positive one. For example if you are running a business and things don’t work out at the start do not lose hope. Have faith and confidence in yourself. Tell your mind that you will definitely succeed. Work harder, stay strong and continue with your efforts. You will definitely be blessed one day because of your persistent efforts.

Pick Up A Hobby

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If you are stressed at your work and can’t handle the daily tantrums of your boss every day and love recreational activities, go for it. Listen to soft and soothing music if you really love listening to music. It will relax your mind and make you feel better. You can pick up a hobby like playing a musical instrument. Keep some spare time out and enjoy that spare time with your favourite hobby on.

Maintain A Personal Diary

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Most of us find it difficult to share our feelings with others which may worsen the symptoms of depression. In that case maintain a personal diary and write down how you feel. If you are angry or upset over someone and cannot overcome it do write everything about the particular incident in your personal diary. It’ll makes you feel much better.

Practice Ten Minutes Of Meditation Before Bed

Depression causes symptoms like insomnia in many individuals. In that case practice ten minutes of meditation before sleeping. It has many benefits like lowering your stress levels by reducing the cortisol hormone in your body and making your feel much calmer. Practice deep-breathing as it will relax each and every organ of your body making you feel much relaxed by overcoming depression symptoms.

Exercise Daily

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According to many research studies exercising daily releases a hormone called as endorphins which are feel-good hormones that help to overcome depression symptoms. Practice a variety of aerobic and anaerobic exercises like walking, yoga, running on the treadmill, push ups or fun loving activities like swimming. It definitely helps to over-come depression.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and would keep these useful tips in mind to manage depression.

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