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Being active and self-loving at the same time can be a little problem. Time is not in our hands. It is constantly fleeting and we are at the chase.

But in order to sometimes pause, pick ourselves up, dust off and start over is of utmost importance. And how we do it requires a lot of dedication in understanding our own time pattern.

We have a body clock, which naturally wakes us up at the same time every morning, makes us hungry at a particular time, tires us out. How to use the body clock and achieve staying healthy by using the body clock consciously is something to be spoken of.

1. Commit to Changing Habits

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At times, keeping the same schedule of self-care can be tough to keep if we aren’t fully dedicated. Exercises, yoga and a proper and healthy diet can be reverted from if we tend to lose focus. Keep a to-do list every day and tick off once one is done. This will drive the passion to keep catering to your needs.

2. Finish the Easier Chores At First

The psychological understanding of this is simple. If we have a list of 4 chores, 3 of them being quite simple and fast to finish, while 1 might take a few hours, choosing the latter, to begin with, is incorrect. The 2 hours task will drain us of energy and passion to go on any further. But. If we tick off 3 of our chores from a list, our mind sees 3 works done within the first hour and just one left. In our mind, that’s a whole chunk done.

3. Encourage Yourself

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There is more to being healthy than just food and workouts. Both these activities and more requires our minds to cheer us forth. We can come out of anxious situations if we push ourselves to remove toxic people and situations far. Encouraging ourselves and putting our choices as a priority over anyone else gives the sense of independence and zeal.

4. Keep a Routine

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Keeping a perfectly timed routine every day keeps you on your feet. The stern nature of following a routine and keeping yourself checked helps being disciplined and active throughout the day. Being healthy also requires to chuck off laziness through the window.

Following these routines can help you be healthy even on a 9-5 job and not lose focus on self-love.

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