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Who wouldn’t have dreamed of going on a Victoria secrets runway! I bet no one would have denied the request if you would’ve got the offer. Being one isn’t that simple though.

There is a tough road that all the women in there had to follow to reach up to that position. Here are some of the tips and tricks that could make you runway-ready in no time.


This is the most important part of the routine that is hard to follow. With these 8 tips you can get that body.

1. Take Your Breakfast With A Lot Of Protein In Them:

Protecting your muscles comes first when you head out to this particular diet. In the morning we tend to lose some of our muscle tissue in order to get some energy to get it started. Hence proteins play a very important role round here.

2. Include Fiber No Matter What:

Remember this no matter what you have as your diet food, include at least some amount of fibre based food in it. Fibre can benefit you by making your stomach full while you just eat a small portion of it. That means small portion and greater fullness.

3. Low Or No Sugar:

Might be disheartening but you will have to do it. Can’t really help it without avoiding sugar. Try to include more of vegetables rather than fruits. Also this includes natural sugars. It might be better if you just cut down the consumption of sugar as a whole.

4. Keep It Hydrating Along With Green Tea:

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Well, when it comes to diet, it cannot be possibly be complete without water in it. The most wanted and to do item on your list might be water and that is exactly all you have to do. Drink at least 9 to 10 glasses everyday. Well green tea will do wonders as well. At least I recommend green tea twice a day.

5. Need To Keep Those Carbs Down:

Well you exactly know this might actually be the most important thing that you should be following. Great if you know what amount is adequate for you. Not much though!

6. Gluten:

This is found in wheat and might not be exactly the good type for a person trying to follow this diet. It tends to make stomach bloat and increase pounds eventually which our body wouldn’t really want!

7. You Need Organic:

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Getting to organic, and yes you need to do it. Doesn’t matter whether it’s vegetable, meat or fruits. Dig into all organic substances as possible.

8. Keep A Count:

The last and most importantly keep a count on your calories. The ones you consume. Be careful to never exceed 1000 to 1200 calories. Keep a daily count with help of some online calculators and also try and note everything down!

I know its hard and believe me the hardest part is getting this indulged into your normal lifestyle. But I really hope that these tips do help keep up your plans!

Yet another inspiring story to be heard from the model herself, Martha Hunt

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She has walked many runways and has also been keen to share her story. She started modelling when she was 14. Being shy and from a village based area she wasn’t really the courageous type to take things forward. Soon after she felt some changes in her body, but not the normal type. It was confirmed that she had scoliosis.

Her world felt like it had scattered to pieces. Scoliosis had made it a difficult path for her on the runway when all a lot of gazes started getting onto her flaws. Even though she had all these flaws and other difficulties that made it hard for, she didn’t give it up. She went on till she would reach that runway to walk for brands like Prada to Chanel. A true inspiration to all!

Photo Credits: thriveglobal.com

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