How To Lose Weight And Make Fitness A Habit

We all have a specific set of habits – good and bad, adorable and annoying and ultimately these habits define our persona. Have you ever thought about making fitness a habit? For ones who are looking to shed pounds, isn’t it exciting to lose weight and never gain it again? It is possible with discipline, persistence and consistency.

So, here are 5 rules that could absolutely change your way of living, prevent you from gaining weight and make being fit a habit as well. Also one thing before you start reading ahead remember that you are not fat, you have fat! This makes a difference. Dieting is just like any other skill. All you have to do is work hard on making this skill shine.

1. Do Not Over Eat

This is actually the truth that just due to over eating your weight can increase immensely. While there are women who eat due to small hunger pangs there are others who eat due to stressful condition or boredom. This will result in weight gain. You need to keep a check on your calorie intake. Use calorie calculator like this to check your daily calorie requirement.

What to do then?

Don’t worry if you can’t distinguish between real hunger and small hunger. We have a solution! do the apple test! Taste an apple and check if it tastes tasty or not. If it does then definitely you are really hunger if not, your hunger is sufficed by the apple. Also if you’re under stress or are feeling bored get indulged in some other activities like walking, running, jumping that can take your mind off food.

2. Skipping Meals, Fasting on Juice Doesn’t Work

As sad it sounds you cannot just lose weight just because you are on a juice diet or skipping your meals. There no other solution than having your meals on time. However reducing the portion can help a lot. By doing this you can gain the muscle that is required for you to keep going!

What to do then?

Cut out 500 to 1000 calories a day through both diet and exercise. Limiting yourself to 1500 calories (or 60% of your daily requirement) will help your weight loss goal a lot and will also keep you motivated.

3. The Way You Eat

How you eat can also affect more than what you eat! One thing that is really important is that whenever you eat remember to focus on the thing you eat rather than your phone or laptop while you eat. This way you are conscious whether you are full or not!

It is seen that most people gain weight when they don’t know how much they eat in a time just because they are busy watching tv, playing on phone or driving. It is proven by studies that when you eat while working results in extra gain of calories.

What to do then?

Sit down wherever you prefer its comfortable to eat. Then turn off any gadget around you. Now take a long look at what is kept in front of it. Enjoy its smell. Now chew it real slow so that it will be digested easily. This way your problem will be solved.

4. Stress And Sleep

When it comes to these two matters no one can compromise. When you are already under a lot of stress you tend to crave more carbs than you usually do! Also, upon this not getting enough sleep can also stimulate hunger. It is seen that people on diet who slept for less than 5 hours a day have gained 55 percent more pounds than those who used to get regular sleep.

What to do then?

It is very important to prioritize sleep and get at least 7 or more hours of sleep. This also reduces stress. Also getting quality sleep is important.

5. Consider It As A Lifestyle:

Considering it as a lifestyle rather than diet will help you greatly. It is general human psyche that when asked to follow a diet, people tend to think that it has a lot of restrictions. However, if you think of it as a lifestyle it wont be that hard to follow it.

What to do then?

It is seen that immediate results (obviously not overnight) keep you motivated. Hence it is recommended to be even more strict during the first two weeks. Cut off alcohol, carbs and sugar in the initial periods. After this, ease on your amount of food intake. So that you can create a plan for a long time. Also getting a pizza once a week can definitely keep your spirits up.

As you see it isn’t really hard to keep it as a habit. Even though it might seem hard in the beginning it will ease out eventually.

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