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Thick thighs look beautiful on a curvy physique. A gown, sari, jeans or skirt or any type of garment gets redefined by the curves of our lower body. But we shouldn’t let it turn into massive flab that are neither comfortable nor healthy for the body and bones.

Thigh fat takes a tad bit longer to burn compared to other parts of the body. Not eating healthy enough, lack of workout routine and even genetics are involved into gaining massive weight around the thighs. Here are 8 simple workouts to shed the extra pounds on the inner thighs :

1. Frontal to Side Kicks

This exercise aids fat removal from both inner and upper thighs which maintains the balance on the legs. It also helps in stretching out the muscles and remove the risk of cramps.

  • Stand with feet apart and parallel to shoulders
  • Lift your arms and fold them pointing up, to maintain balance
  • Shifting entire body weight on the right leg, bring the left leg forward and kick in front
  • Bring the leg back and raise the leg again to the side.
  • Repeat the process by shifting entire body weight to left leg and putting the right leg forward
  • This can be done 10 counts for 3 reps

2. Bent-Knee gap while on Mat

This workout effectively targets toning the legs and thighs.

  • Sit on a map with the palms placed directly below the hips
  • Keep your shoulder loose and bent forward
  • Bend your legs towards your body and bring them closer, making sure the toes are touching the floor
  • Bend forward with the support of your arms, putting pressure on the stomach
  • Slowly bring the knees out to each of the sides and increasing the space between the legs
  • Bring the bent legs back to position and repeat 1 times for 2 reps

3. Squatting

Although squatting is mainly to perfect abdomen and buttocks, the pressure being but on the thighs works wonders.

  • Stand with legs apart and parallel to shoulder
  • Be sure to keep your feet facing out and shoulders loose
  • With palms locked in, squat down, knee bent parallel to the ground as if sitting
  • Put pressure on your heels while squatting down
  • Come back up and repeat the process for 15 times in 2 reps

4. Single Leg Raise and Rotate

This is one of the simplest exercise that point the excessive fat on the abdomen and thighs.

  • Lie down on your back
  • Keep legs straight and arms beside your sides.
  • While looking up, raise your right leg up to 90 degrees
  • Slowly rotate the leg clockwise for 5 counts and anti-clockwise for the next 5 counts
  • Bring the leg down and repeat the process with the left leg
  • Repeat 5 times on each leg

5. Step-out Lunges

Thigh muscles require proper toning after the fat starts shedding from the area.  What better than lunges that helps in toning up the entire muscles on the thighs.

  • Stand at ease with the arms akimbo on both sides
  • Bring right leg front and bend it down till it is parallel to the ground
  • By doing so, the left leg will also bend down while putting entire body weight on the calf.
  • Let you body bent down all while keeping the back straight
  • Repeat on the alternate leg and repeat 10 times in 2 reps

6. Piles Workout

If the objective is to tone up the muscles and have the thighs stronger, piles exercise is the way to go. This not only targets the thigh fat but strengthens the muscles.

  • Stand with the legs spread outward, a little further from the shoulders.
  • Let the hands rest on the sides
  • Squat down in this pose, keeping upper body upright
  • Steadily return o previous stance
  • Continue 10 counts for 3 reps

7. Alternate Leg-ups

This intricate exercise takes lesser times to reduce thigh fat and helps in tone up the legs.

  • Lie sideways on the floor with support of the right elbow
  • Let right leg be spread out and left leg be bent with feet on the floor
  • Slowly raise back right leg to touch the left hand
  • Bring it down and repeat for 10 times
  • Alter the position to support body on left hand and repeat.

8. Cardio

Workouts For Thighs Ahelio Com

A full body exercise means that the thighs will albeit be a portion of the workout. But being mostly done through our legs, the running, cycling and cross-trainers, the thighs shed a sizable portion of the accumulated fat. Not only that, toning plays a huge role through cardio. Warm up workouts such as jumping rope also counts as one of the thigh fat burning exercise.


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