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Why is she restless all the time? Why is he speaking incessantly?

We all wonder why some people act weirdly in the public atmosphere. The truth is that we mock these people even though we don’t know that they are having ADHD.

ADHD or, Attention Deficit Hypertension Disorder is a chronic condition. It includes attention difficulty and other problems.

Let’s evaluate some signs to understand whether we have some hidden traces of ADHD.




These people show tendencies to be away from people and social things. They are always seen lost in thoughts. Their attention drifts towards an internal direction. In certain cases, they might be doing their work but they will be indulged in this daydreaming.

Best Friend – Trouble

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During any activities which occur in social background, they would invite any trouble coming their way. Any commotion that happens will have their signature on it. No matter how hard they try to stay away, all their efforts become useless.

Do unto others or treat yourself?

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Self-focused behavior makes them not able to understand other people’s wishes and need. They will only think about themselves and their desires. It affects their mood and stability.


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They are experts in making mistakes which may find absurd because they might usually be due to their carelessness. Although it might be small in intensity, these mistakes protrude every now and then.

Lack of Focus

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This is the most important sign that is to be noticed. Focus is never in their dictionary. They won’t be paying attention to what you are saying although they claim to be attentive. They find it very difficult to keep up with what they are said to attend and eventually they avoid everything that comes within the circle of focus.


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Forgetting chaos, personal belongings and even, other people’s things become a trend. It is more common when it comes to chores that are to be done by them.

Emotional Difficulties

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It is hard for them to manage emotions like anger and frustration. They are never open to criticism. With low self-esteem, they always have a sense of insecurity and underachievement. Explosions while losing temper is a common habit.

Poor Planning

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ADHD affects cognitive tasks such as planning, shifting attention, and other executive functions. When they are assigned to plan or organize things, they would make it a mess.  They will find the issue in arranging things when the situation demands.




This projects as the primary symptom of ADHD which may impair your ability to stop and think about the consequences before speaking or acting.

Looking Forward

ADHD is a health disorder that must be diagnosed at an early stage, most probably during childhood. Self-help is most recommended and treatments are only preferred if the situation turns worse. Being part of a society, we are partially responsible for the healing of these people with our attitude towards them.

We must carve it in our mind that they must always be treated with empathy and not hatred.

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