When it comes to exercising, we all find excuses to give up. Busy schedule, no time or money, no adequate space; trust me we have used these always. We all ponder why we do this to our bodies, and finally it gave me the answer: We all want instant results to our problems. Exercising does not show its benefits in one day.

Most of us lack patience and hence we stop. Exercising is not about just losing that weight to fit into the dress or get those abs. Exercising is the small investments we need to do everyday to prevent ourselves from getting affected by illness that comes with obesity. All we need is a spoon of motivation. Here are some mantras by which your motivation can increase.

Invest money on your workout

Yes it sounds harsh but it is one of the effective ways to ensure that we are motivated to exercise. Join a gym or hire a trainer. It is expensive, and since you have paid for it, you will feel the need to go and run on the treadmill. Who wants their money to go to waste?

Change your perspective

Being a couch potato is not a cool thing. It is unhealthy. Getting your body stiff is really toxic. Exercising helps you to get out of the house and also socialise. Meeting new people at gym or at the park is a great way to built social skills. You can also find a support group with whom exercising can be fun.

For all those who want to conceive, exercising can boost fertility

Research has proven that 80% of sterility problems are effects of unhealthy lifestyle and lack of physical exercise. Oncologists also suggest that execising is one of the preventives from ovarian or cervicle cancer. Even during pregnancy, pre-natal exercising is needed for healthy growth of the baby.

Find adventure in your workout

Who said exercising can be just a sport or in the gym? Spicing up your routine with hobbies is the best way to motivate yourself to exercise. It can be dancing to bollywood songs. If you love travelling, then go for hikes and treks or do cardios for the trek. It is all the more reason and motivation to workout

Make your exercise goals realistic

As I fore mentioned, exercising does not always show immediate results. It needs patience. Most people set unrealistic goals on losing weight or to increase their fitness level. This results in pressure in the body and mind which leads to give up on physical exercise. Nothing happens in one day, so goals need to be achieved with time.

Exercising needs baby steps. But to continue that motivation you need discipline without which it can fail in the long run. We should look for fun and variety in our exercise routine which can break the monotony.

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