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We stand here today, solely with the help of our knee joints. It has kept proper support of our upper body and thighs, helps us in our childhood runabouts and at present, rushes for the offices and work. What has it not done for our lives and rushes.

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But with time and age, our bone density starts fading away. The fluids in-between the knee joints dry up, leading to joint aches and walking problems. Not all of them always occur with age but also due to the nutrients deficiency in our bodies. It is integral part of our self-care routine to make sure that we provide proper nutrients and care to our bone health. Here are 10 ways to keep our knees healthy :

1. Provide the Bones with Sufficient Calcium

Our body cannot produce calcium for the system. But it is what our skeletal structure and bone density strong. Calcium provides the knee joint, proper strength and density, so the bones can remain solid enough to support our body-frame. Calcium can be consumed through capsules and supplements or you can also jump right onto ingesting calcium rich food such as salmon, beans and dairy. Here are some food ingredients that provide the body with sufficient calcium.

2. Vitamin C

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As we grow older, the bone density reduces where the skeletal structure feels weak. Here, vitamin C comes to the picture. Vitamin C helps in formation of collagen in the body, as well as the cartilage structure, thus providing denser and solid bone structure. Green leafy vegetables and fruits are well-supplied with calcium content and hence, important enough to be part of our daily meals. These ingredients will provide stronger bones and hence, healthier knee joint.  

3. Swimming

It is known that swimming can prevent osteoporosis if enrolled into from a younger age. It helps in strengthening both muscles and bones in the body, and increasing their flexibility. Swimming is a form of exercise for the whole body where inertia cannot come into play to make the body docile. Since it is an all-round workout and can be done for half-an-hour each day, swimming also increases our metabolism, thus aiding in ingesting proper nutrients to keep the system healthy.

4. Anti-Inflammatory Food Ingredients

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For women, loss in bone mass with aging is a high-risk factor. Inflammation in the system can lead to bones weakening in the body, causing osteoporosis. Weaker the bone density becomes, dangers of breaking bones or fractures from merely falling down becomes higher. It is important hence, to consume anti-inflammatory food ingredients to keep away the chances of inflammation, as our knee joints shall be affected in the process of losing bone mass. These food can be consumed for best results. 

5. Workouts for Stronger Knees

We can always enroll ourselves in gyms or try exercises at home for proper bone and muscle strength. Working out in very important in order to keep the body fitter and stable. Knee-lifts, calf-stretches and lunge help a lot with keeping the knees flexible and healthy. You can follow these following exercises that are possible to be done even at home.

6. Shed Extra Body Weight

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Our body weight plays an important part in the whole support system. The bone density, muscle mass and fat-content in the body all should be balanced enough for us to be fit and strong. In order to strike this balance, it is important to shed the extra body fat that is detrimental to our health. Excessive upper body fat becomes too heavy for the knees as it is what supports that mass. This can lead to bones weakening and the fluid between the knee joints to dry up. Exercise and maintain a healthy food chart in order to keep an optimum physique.

7. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an all-rounder when it comes to bone-health. Not only does it aid in the absorption of calcium and phosphorous from the food ingested, but also provides bone strength to women that are lost post-menopause. Although 15 minutes of sunbathing is optimum to increase vitamin D in the system, due to urban infrastructure, it is impossible to find a good place to walk around for some time to absorb good sunlight. Fish oil, eggs and dairy products help in strengthening the bone-mass in the body, keeping knee joints, solid and sturdy, away from chances of osteoporosis.

8. Epsom Salt

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Salt-baths are common to unhinge the stressed body and mind. But did we know of its properties. Bath salt such as epsom salt is rich in magnesium. Magnesium is also required in sufficient amounts in the body for bone strength, muscle healing, blood pressure, etc. This is why, any issues of osteoporosis, common knee pain or inflammation can be reduced with the help of epsom salt bath. 3-4 times a week for such bath might result in a healthier system.

9. Fish Oil

Fish oil is useful for the bone-density of the body. This is because Omega 3 Fatty Acids in fish oil from salmon or mackerel fish aids in increasing bone-density and strength of our knees. Consuming sufficient or prescribed fish-oil with your meals or ingesting supplement capsules can be useful for your overall health.

10. Massaging

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Having areas of joint ache, specially the knees, provide relief from the chronic aches around the knee. Circulating the fingers on the pressure points of the aches helps soothing the inflammation and muscles and loosens the tightened up nerves around the knee-joints. Apply a concoction of Aloe-vera and warm oil on the affected area before massaging. This will provide relaxation to the joints.

Chronic knees aches can be due to arthritis for which, a doctor’s advice is of utmost importance.

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