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Immunity can save or ruin your best days. Constant sneezes between meetings, sudden fever while out with friends, being the first to catch an oncoming flu, name it. Luckily, immunity, unlike the oncoming of a flu is in everyone’s control. It takes a bit of understanding of food and activities to promote self-care. Immunity is the body’s capability of defending itself against germs, infections and allergies. It is always healthier to check what goes into the body and how one lives to calculate how good their immune system works.

Following are a few subtle activities through which immunity can be boosted and not to forget, some grubs for a stronger system:

5 Natural Methods to Boost Immunity

Healthy fats- Avocados and whole eggs are rich in substantial amounts of healthy fat but never saturated or processed by which it becomes detrimental to health. It has been noticed that any amount of healthy fat consumed does not lead to obesity has this is the perfect amount of fat the body requires as nutritional intake.

Cut Down Alcohol- Alcohol provides no positive impact on the body. Rather it reduces the body’s ability to digest and dehydrate it quickly. It promotes untimely hunger leading to tonnes of junk food passing through control. Social drinking on the other hand, does not encourage an overall physical damage as the intake is lower than normal drinking.


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Manage Stress and Sleep More- Stressing is overall injurious for the body and mind. Not only does it fitness of a body but also increases blood-sugar levels. It stops the body from taking in nutrients as food habits change drastically when one undergoes through strain. It is also linked to lack of sleep that tires out the body. Not sleeping reduces overall energy. Worse, during sleep, body repairs itself and digests a day’s meal providing the body nutrients. It is important to meditate and reduce tension in order to build a better combat system against diseases.

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Stay Active- Activities promote growth in the body. It keeps the mind and body at constantly agile. This does not include running about and overworking but small habits of singing, drawing and sports always help. It controls the blood circulation, it helps with digestion of food that promotes better immunity.

Daily Fitness Regimes- Reasons to exercise are not limited to achieving a better looking body. Exercise helps in better muscle growth and at the same time, produces enough blood cells to build up a better immunity system. A body at constant rest is prone to contact more diseases than one that is thriving for fitness.

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5 Healthy Immunity Boosters

Turmeric- Turmeric acts as a shield against diseases that slowly deteriorate the body. It has the highest quantity of anti-oxidants and with curcumin as one of the vital components, it reduces viral ailments, is an anti fungal medicine and reduces inflammation. With pepper, turmeric’s healing properties have better chances to increase immunity.

Green Tea- Anti-oxidants in green tea provides proper nutrients to activate the immunity system. Green tea contains amino acids that helps in germ fighting-components inside the cells that helps flushing out toxins out of the system. A fresh cup of tea in the morning helps boosting up the system to fight any infection causing germs that come through the day.

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Yogurt- Vitamin D in yogurt constructs a stronger immunity system. Live culture bacteria in yogurt helps in preventing gastrointestinal diseases, thereby protecting the intestine tract. They are also known to prevent cold and other infections from air-borne diseases. Yogurt is best had with fresh-cut fruits instead of sugar for healthier benefits.

Garlic- Allicin, one of the active ingredients in garlic is known to have medicinal properties to fight off cold and flu. Garlic is the best option to reduce blood-pressure levels and safeguard the body against infection. It has been the oldest ingredient in the book with medicinal properties.

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Ginger- Ginger is an active ingredient in any home-made medicine for quick recovery. With tea, it helps relieving nausea while a blend of ginger and honey in warm water relieves the throat of irritation from dry coughs. Its anti-inflammatory ingredient and a soother for discomfort inside the body. Daily intake of ginger can steadily improve the immune system to combat coughs, flu and slight fever.

It is always better to have natural remedies for improving immunity but if any disease turn out dangerous, contacting a doctor before taking home-made remedies is of utmost importance.


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