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Yoga is revitalizing and relaxing. It provides physical and mental health benefits through meditation and stretching. Yoga can impact our minds and bodies in ways we feel like a new person after every session.

We might always head for the strength training and core exercises. But the body requires winding down and freshening up so the bones and entire system feel like they are brand new.

Get Strong With Yoga Athelio

Let us look into poses the provides the body with core strength. It has benefits ranging from improving posture to aiding to remove lower back pain. Following are few yoga poses fit for getting stronger :

1. Planking

  • Lie face-down and raise the upper body up on the wrists
  • Elbows should be right above the wrists and the hips must not be lowered down
  • Raise the legs on the toes and pull them in to make a stronger base for your legs
  • Count to 30 for the first round and bring the body down

2. Downward-Dog

Downward Dog Athelio Com

  • While standing straight, Bring down the upper body towards the ground
  • Flatten our the palms and extend them out, pulling the body front, till he entire posture looks like an inverted-V
  • Push the heels on the floor and keep the hip and buttocks raised up

3. Downward-Dog Split

  • Perform the same steps as downward-dog
  • With weight transferred to the left feet, raise your right leg up as much as you can go and extend out
  • Make sure to keep the left feet fully on the ground
  • Loosen the shoulders so there are no risks of muscle strains

4. Mountain-Climbers with Body Raised

  • Bring the body down supporting on the wrists and toes
  • Lean the upper body forward
  • Keeping left foot on ground, bring the right knee in towards the elbows
  • Un-bent the right leg into a downward-dog split
  • Alter between legs and continue for 10 counts

5. Low-Lunge

  • While being in the downward-dog position, bring right leg bent between the hands
  • Raise and arch-up upper body at the front, keeping elbows straight
  • Lower your hip and left knee down towards the floor

6. High-Lunge

  • While standing straight, bring forth the right leg to bend in front, thighs parallel to the floor
  • Push back the left leg with support from the toes and rest there
  • Keeping waist and hips upright, lift the arms up parallel to the ear

7. Reverse-Warrior Pose

Reverse Warrior Yoga Athelio Com

  • Perform the same lower body stance as high lunge
  • Make sure to keep right leg thigh parallel to the ground and the left leg to extend to 45 degrees on the other side
  • Lean your upper body back towards the left leg, looking up
  • Extend the other hand down towards the left leg, resting it under the knee

8. Extended Side Angle

Alternate Warrior Pose Athelio Com

  • Begin with the right thigh parallel to the ground and left leg slanting to the other side from previous pose
  • Rest the right forearm on the right knee and bend your upper-body towards that elbow.
  • Raise up the right hand towards the ceiling and lift your chin towards the lifted arm

9. Bent-Down Alternate Warrior Pose

  • Try the same stance of the alternate-warrior position
  • Instead of keeping the right forearm over the right knee, bring the arm down parallel to the right bent foot
  • Rest the right hand on the palm and keep the right arm raised.
  • Keep your chin up towards the raised hand

10. Half-Split while Standing

Half Split Yoga Athelio Com

  • Begin by standing straight and lower down the upper body towards the floor
  • Support the leaned down body with your fingers
  • Without raising the left feet off the floor, bring the right leg up, lifting as high as you can.

Yoga for a beginner should be first learnt from a trainer. The more knowledge we gather about this art, healthier the systems begins to become.

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