Yoga Poses For Stronger Arms

Sometimes you feel that your hands are wiggling like jellies even when you stop clapping. Don’t worry, it’s easy to get rid of them. These will also make you look like some jelly which you wouldn’t possibly want to be like.

Get onto your yoga mat and get moving those arms by doing these poses and strengthen them.

1. Arching three-legged Dog:

This exercise helps you increase flexibility in your body muscles.

  • Get on all fours by raising your back then bring your feet together so your toes are touching each other.
  • Keeping left feet on the mat, raise your right leg and bend your knee. Squeeze your right leg toward your hip lifting the knee-high.
  • Lift your head high and turn to look over your left shoulder.
  • Stay there for five breaths, keeping belly still and breathing into the chest.


2. Extended tabletop:

Strong like a ballerina this will help you open the front of your body, increase flexibility and strength in your shoulders and tone your tush.

  • Turn your body upside down so your belly is pointing upwards raise your right arm simultaneously. Readjust your foot so they are parallel with the hip.
  • Firmly press your feet to lift your hips high, engaging your glues and extend your right arm over your face.
  • Hold for five breaths by looking up toward the ceiling.

3. Balancing star:

This will help you shape your upper body and core.

Balancing Star Athelio

Image Credit : thehealthfit.com

  • From the above position, lift your right arm and leg into the air, rotating your left toes so they point away from you.
  • Stay like this by balancing on your left hand and foot. Try to keep your shoulder, spine and hips in one straight line. Press your left hand onto the mat to get some pressure.
  • Hold for five breaths, trying to keep your core strong and pose steady.


4. Quarter dog:

This exercise will go easy on your wrists. Well it also intensely stretches the backs of your legs, workout your arms, shoulders and upper back.

  • Get on all fours, and now spread your fingers wide and lower your forearms to the mat. Check to make a straight line between your elbows and middle finger.
  • Keep your keg straight and lower your heels towards the ground as far as you can.Heels should be wider than your toes so that outside edges of feet are parallel with th edges of the mat.
  • Relax your head between your arms and direct your gaze through your legs. Hold for 5 breaths. Then come back to the initial position.

5. One-legged four-limbed staff:

Lifting one leg in this particular position will concentrate on working your triceps and shoulders.

  • From all fours shift your weight forward so your shoulders are directly over your wrists. Like a push-up position.
  • Bend your elbows behind you, brushing your arms against the sides of your body as you lower down. Hold this with your body in one straight line making sure your elbows are at 90-degree angles.
  • Lift your right leg a few inches off the floor pointing your toes, and hold for three deep breaths. Release the one you’re holding up and do this with the other one agin for three deep breaths.
  • Release this position and relax by inhaling and exhaling deeply.

There you have it, do these and clap endlessly without worrying about those jiggly feeling anymore. Hence getting strong arms that can do all sorts of work for you.


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