Cellulite On Thighs

We can all agree that leg-day at the gym is somewhat always, our favorite sick day. The machine-workouts can be quite draining, to begin with. Thats why most of the time cellulite in our thighs was not entirly got removed.

Keeping this in mind, changing leg days entirely from machine-ridden to simple workouts that require two weights in hand and will surely going to toned your leg like never before.

1. Single Leg Dead Lift

Sing Leg Deadlift Athelio

Image Courtesy: womenshealthmag.com
  • Hold dumbbells in each hand, palms facing down
  • Now place the hands parallel to your thighs
  • Lean your upper body forward and at the same time, raise your right leg at the back
  • This requires balance so be sure to hold your stance safely
  • Stand back straight to repeat again 20 counts in 2 reps.

2. Lateral Goblet Lunge

Goblet Lateral Lunge Athelio

Image Courtesy: thatdelhigirl.com
  • Stand straight with your legs apart and away from shoulder width
  • Hold a dumbbell with both hands, grasping the wheels of the equipment firmly with your palms
  • Bend your right knee out slightly and lower your entire body to the right side
  • Straighten out the left leg on the other side
  • Make sure to hold the dumbbell firmly with your palms all the while of working out
  • Stand up and repeat 10 times on each leg for 20 reps

3. Weighted Bridges

Weighted Bridge Athelio Com

Image Courtesy: workoutbox.net
  • Lie yourself down on a yoga mat with one dumbbell in hand
  • Place the held dumbbell on your lower abdomen
  • Bend up your knees, keeping the feet fully on the floor
  • Now, keeping the lower abdomen tight, lift your glutes above the mat, pushing up the dumbbell along with it
  • Hold the stance for 2 seconds and drop the buttocks down
  • Repeat this exercise 20 times for 2 reps

4. Goblet Pile Squat

Pile Squat Athelio Com


Image Courtesy: popculture.com
  • Stand straight with your feet apart from shoulder width
  • Hold a kettlebell facing down with your hands and balance it properly
  • Bend your knees out on both sides, lowering your upper body along with the held kettlebell
  • Maintain this position for 2 seconds and raise yourself up
  • Repeat 20 times in 2 reps

The best thing about such workouts is that they can be done at home. Hence, giving a rest to the machines at your training center to working out at home may not be a bad idea after all!

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