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Our mental and emotional health are base to who we are. Every activity that you perform, your will-power, courage, fear and determination, come from who you are and how you think and feel.

At times, the world is too much for us. We feel emotionally exhausted from our workload or personal problems, things that a few extra hours of nap might not be able to fix. But many other things shall be able to provide the ease and calm your mind needs to be emotionally stronger.

Before we suggest a few pointers to have you emotionally strong, always remember a few things.

  • Your emotional health does not determine that you’re weaker. Life can dip down at times, have faith to pull yourself up.
  • Never let paranoia be the conclusion to your own identity. Even if your mind screams out that you’re worthless, remember, paranoia is a relative moment, it is not the constant you.
  • Finally, you’re stronger than this. You always will be.

1. Bring Forth Peace in Your Soul

Peace And Self Love Athelio Com

Self-love is not always the finest luxuries but every little thing you do. Our work-life might take a toll on our stress-marker, exhausting us too much to be able to process our simplest emotions. Take the Sundays off. Meditating is one of the major keys. But for us trotters, a little walk and meet with friends, gardening, Museum visits and peaceful solitude, shall rejuvenate your mind and soul.

2. Speak to a Counselor

Speak To Your Counselor Athelio Com

There is no low in taking help. We might feel dependent at times to even ask for water in a pubic transport. But to ask for advice or aid to better your health is never a bad thing. Professional Counselors make sure that you’re heard, consoled and given a hand in getting up and start afresh.

Speak to your prescribed counselor, they are trustworthy when it comes to keeping your information private. Who knows, it might take 3 months to even a year, but a progress is always a progress, however steady it might be.

3. Meet Up with Pals

Meet Up With Pals Athelio

We might have a huge circle of friends, or just 2 people we trust with our lives. In both cases, they are there no matter how we are or what we go through. These souls who ride along with you in all the happening of your life, are he ones who keep you on your feet and grounded. When you need motivation, the one solution is to call up your pals and ask for a brisk meet over coffee or board games. This goes both ways, who knows, maybe they needed you that exact time too for a little help?

4. Find Yourself

Your True Self Athelio Com

This might look like a quote straight out of a travel blog, but it is more. In reality, our bad experiences of abuse, traumas and mishaps construct an identity for us whose sole reason to exist is to keep ourselves protected. But with time, we might forget to take off the armor whilst healing, making it as close as our skin.

The very moment you realize this, the better. Our defensive stance is much needed, but it is not us at the end of the day. Before this leads to have problems such as disassociation, unavailability and loneliness, take help from whom you trust and let them nudge you out of the shell. If you look in the mirror, the you who has fought all, is still you.

5. Change Things Up a Little

Our daily habits can make us perform our daily tasks even with our eyes closed, This might lead to monotonousness in our everyday tasks. Boredom leads to filling empty and sad at times, where you can feel that you’re just stuck in a box. Let us think outside the box. Pursue little habits that catches your attention.

Like a nifty little cupcake someone was baking on YouTube, dive right into your stash of ingredients and start baking.  Sign up for local sports events and art meets. This will help you add a different flavor to your life, a feeling you never had tested, but feels homely enough.

6. Give Yourself a Break

Go For A Short Vacation Athelio Com

Exhaustion is not just physical. We can go for even the toughest chores if our minds are into it. But what happens when our minds and feelings give up. Determination is something to tend to, help grow inside us and use for what keeps us going for what we wish to achieve. But sometimes, our energy slots deplete where even the soul and mind needs a little rest.

Head out of the city for a short weekend vacation. This doesn’t need to burn a hole in your pocket as short destinations make sure to keep you feeling comfy and at-home. Recharge yourself in the lap of nature and come back with more determination.

7. Jot Down Your Problems

Jot Down Your Problems Athelio

At times, our problems might me countless scribbles in our head, all making noises at the same time. This makes them indistinguishable for us to solve one at a time. Before this leads to a turmoil-filled bundle of burden that weighs our minds down, write them up. If your friend is suddenly hostile, jot it down to take it up with them. This helps more than keeping a grudge which would have a sour patch in your life.

8. Jot Down Positive Feelings

Be Your Best Athelio Com

Bought an old woman some coffee outside your office, write it down. Many people tell us that these are forms of narcissism. But to keep yourself motivated for helping others soothe, grow and feel homely is nothing but our nature to help.

This list will also help you keep yourself up and determined when the former list makes you feel trapped. And the latter makes who you are, strong, insightful and there always.

These are just a few points. What makes you is known more by your mind. Dust off the rubble of negativeness that hide the true gem of strength and willpower. You.

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