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I always feel that core of your body is something that defines your true fitness level. Mainly core of your body includes your abs, obliques, lower lats, traverse abdominis. These muscles play an important role in stabilizing your body. If I have to pick up one celebrity/sportsperson who I admire for his shredded and strong core it would be Virat Kohli, captain of Indian Cricket team!

I’ve seen his phenomenal transformation from a chubby teenager from Delhi to a supremely fit sportsperson. Here’s the proof:

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So, what does it take to build a physique of a world class athlete?

Diet gets 80% credit

Believe me your diet is responsible for 80% of your transformation and everything comes next! Virat is very particular about his calorie intake and his plate always contain low-fat, grilled and boiled food. According to him “No matter how much effort you put in, if your diet is poor you are never going to see your chiseled abs and core”.

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Move as much as you can

So, second thing that is important to achieve a strong core is mobility. And by mobility I am not talking about that 1 hour that you spend at gym instead those 12-14 hours that you spend on your daily activities. Remember, sitting at one place kills your core brutally. Virat is very specific about how much mobility is involved in your day-to-day because eventually you are burning a lot of calories through these activities/movements itself. Advise for the people having desk jobs – try to accomplish small tasks by yourself like walking to the pantry to pick up a glass of water or coffee or take a walk every time you are on a call. We have a complete article about this over here.


Once you have diet and mobility in place, then comes the third important thing – workouts! Instead of getting trapped in the rat race of conventional exercises, make the best use of your gym time. Focus more on the compound exercises rather than usual curls and presses. Virat’s workout regime consists of equal proportion of compound movements, cardio and core exercises

1. Compound exercises

Compound exercises are the ones that targets your multiple body parts at the same time. This is a much better approach than conventional workouts which only targets single muscle at a time. Some of the fantastic movements of compound exercises are push-ups, lunges, squats, clean and jerk, pull-ups and deadlifts and Virat’s workouts have them all. Almost all compound movements require effort from your core area thereby developing a strong core.

2. Core isolation

Next thing that you must be focusing on is core isolation. Virat performs a set of basic core exercises – Crunches, leg raises, plank, ab rocker and bicycle crunches. These exercises add development to your core. Remember, rather on focusing on maximum number of reps, try to get your posture and movement right. Limit your reps to 15-20 only and work on the effectiveness.

3. Cardio

Cardio is the next vital element of Virat’s fitness regime. Although he spends a lot of time running on field, he prefers to do a 10-15 min run on treadmill post his gym workout. Cardio exercises are good for strengthening your heart muscles. Basically, cardio exercises create calorie deficit in our body that eventually leads to development and visibility of your abs!


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So, that’s all folks! I know it’s hard to get a strong and chiseled core but its not impossible. All it needs is to make calculated efforts. Try to incorporate the above mentioned tips from Virat Kohli’s fitness regime in the same priority order and get ready to witness the change yourself.

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