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Our lungs are one of the most important part of our body that works 24X7 continuously. Yet they are the most ignored body part as well. Unfortunately, major health threat that we have in front of us today is air pollution. I remember when I was a child, air pollution seemed as unrealistic as a zombie attack breakout in movies.

Fast forward less than two decades and here we are today having air around us loaded with excessive quantities of contaminants like gases and particulate matter(PM2.5 and PM10) released from automobile emissions, chemical smoke from factories, pollen and dust.

Fortunately, our lungs are capable of cleaning themselves on their own. However, you can make this process optimal by incorporating 5 easily available ingredients in your daily diet:

1. Eucalyptus:

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Cineole, a common ingredient found in cough syrup is present in eucalyptus. It has amazing antiviral and anti clogging properties that help eliminate cold and cough and also reducing the inflammation. For respiratory problems in babies, eucalyptus oil is widely used in many homes. Getting the scent of it, does the job.

2. Oregano:

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Well, you are familiar with this herb from your kitchen. Remember, pizza or that delicious lasagne? Apart from being an excellent kitchen ingredient, has many antiviral and antioxidant properties. You can put one or two drops of oregano oil and mix it in a glass of water or juice for regular intake. Apart from having these amazing properties it also provides nutrients and vitamins that are essential.

3. Peppermint:

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It contains menthol that relaxes the muscles of respiratory tract and helps in ease of breathing. It has properties that can relieve you from cough and cold. Apart from that it is also a very nice mouth freshener.

4. Garlic:

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I know, not everyone is a fan of garlic, but this has great effects on your body as a whole. If you’re like me who does not like the taste of it, ready-made candies are available in the market that are odourless. Also raw juice of garlic can prevent skin irritation.

5. Thyme:

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This is an ancient herb which was used in age-old traditions to treat respiratory tract and bacterial infection like pneumonia.

Apart from including these herbs in your diet, you must focus on making holistic changes to your lifestyle. Make healthy choices like – quit smoking, start breathing exercises & yoga, start using air purifier and get rid of artificial scents.

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