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Most of us might have already got a chance to view this year’s Netflix Documentary by David Attenborough Life on Our Planet. It highlights how human evolution is impacting nature and wildlife. Here, I try to bring to you simple ideas that you can incorporate for Eco-Friendly Christmas.

Christmas is around the corner and we all have so much to take care of. Being extremely excited about setting up a beautiful Christmas tree. Planning and purchasing unique gifts for friends and family that can surprise them like never before. Prepping the list of lip-smacking dishes for guests.

But amongst all these, if we also decide, that this season, we will also nurture workarounds to invite nature in our celebrations, then we might be able to bring a dent to the environmental crisis we are facing today.

Use Eco-Friendly Gift Packaging

Choosing the most unique gift wrapping is as exciting as choosing the gift itself. Pampering your loved ones with your creativity and wrapping your gift with utmost love is one of the awaited moments of the year. Make it even more remarkable by opting for environmentally friendly packaging.


Paper Wrapping

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There are a plethora of amazing and beautiful options for paper packaging. Usually, gift packaging is discarded and is not generally re-used. The common eye-catchy packaging is made from plastic and is non-biodegradable. You won’t like the packaging to end up in oceans and landfills, would you?


Reusable Fabric Wraps

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Fabric wraps are the best option out there as they promote a circular economy. The gift wrapping can be re-used and is carried forward multiple times. Moreover, these wraps look super-different and make a memorable impact. They also convey the message loud and clear on how you care for the environment.


Eco-Friendly Special Effects on Gifts

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Try opting for dried leaves, funky plant cuttings, and cotton threads for gift decoration. Avoid any add-ons that are made of single-use plastic. These eco-friendly options give that extra edge to your Christmas gifting, they look pretty and make your gift stand out among the rest.


Choose Plastic Free Gifts

Caring for the planet is a feeling that should be expressed. Whatever gift you choose, ensure that it adds value, and is plastic-free. Yes, this can be a little cumbersome and overwhelming, also it might need that extra effort. But this can be the best way to promote sustainable consumerism. It also carries forwards the idea and encourages people to be aware of the environment. A few options might help.


Plants That Last Long and Need Minimal Care

Christmas Athelio Succulent

You can gift plant varieties as succulents that are perfect for gifting. They do not need a lot of care as you need to water them occasionally. They are easy to pack, look amazingly trendy in gift wrapping, and will totally stand out in one’s gift corner.


Environment-Friendly Utility Kit

Athelio Utlility Gift

There are a lot of options in this category. You can opt for a zero-waste bathroom kit comprising a bamboo toothbrush, a bamboo comb, shampoo, and conditioner bars, reusable makeup wipes, and biodegradable dental floss. These environment-friendly kits leave an impact on the user and help in promoting zero waste utilities instead of single-use plastics. They end up in oceans and landfills and hamper with ecosystems.


Use Environment-Friendly Decorations

Opting for biodegradable or re-usable decor products are the best you can choose for making this year’s Christmas green. There are a variety of decor options available in this category.


Resue the decorations from last year

Athelio Eco Friendly Decor

Mostly the decoration materials are plastic. Reusing these can not only help in boosting a circular economy but also will create a demand for manufactures to create eco-friendly alternatives.


Go for second-hand decorative items

Athelio Decor

There are a lot of decor outlets that have a section for second-hand decor items. It’s an excellent move to boost the circular economy where the consumers have a reduce-reuse-recycle mindset. Also, you can try for outlets which provide rent-out facilities for decor items and even Christmas trees.


Use paper-based glitter


Now, most people don’t pay attention to such intricate details during a celebration, but it really makes a difference. Glitter is totally plastic and it is not re-usable. Opt for paper-based glitter, it looks as amazing as the plastic glitter even better and is completely bio-degradable.


Bottom Line

Small efforts and little steps taken individually, can lead to a significant impact on the environment. We might find this eco-friendly switch a little overwhelming. Start small, convert one initiative into a completely green process, be it decor or gifts.

The strength of going green this Christmas lies in the fact that our actions and our message is conveyed to a lot of people. The reusable gift wrapping, the plant gift, the paper glitter, or anything eco friendly is observed by friends and family. They also get the inspiration for doing the same.

Wishing everyone a very happy season of festivities and good luck for an Eco-Friendly Christmas. To get some inspiration for 2021, check out this link here.


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