Work pressure has become the talk of the world in 2020. And it is becoming clear that we are either stressed from overworking, or from the fear of losing work.

Now, the fear of work-related issues is slowly becoming a worry as your mental health takes the first hit. For example, a week of 15 hours daily can create massive burnout. And most of the time, we end up taking that burnout to our work-hours for the next week.

So what are the solutions? Let us check into some mental health tips to reduce such work pressure:


Set Your Work Hours

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If you are a young professional, earning extra cash from part-time jobs on the side, this is a tip for you. 

While the work-from-home status during the 2020 lockdown has become a norm, there are some downsides. For example, clients who might send work beyond your comfortable job hours.

Here, you can improve your communication by setting up a strict time, after which you shall not be receiving any notifications for work. 

By maintaining this schedule, you can retain your me-time, while improving your adequate sleep schedule. Sleep is the best natural medicine when it comes to dissolving work stress. 


Tidy Up the Workspace

Workstation Athelio

Sometimes, we tend to forget about cleaning our computer tables, due to the immense weekly workloads. And while our desks gather dust, so does our daily determination.

A clean work table can help to concentrate on the project at hand, and also to complete it in no time. Sometimes, procrastinating can also be due to losing motivation. 

And by keeping a tidy workspace, you can reduce the work pressure due to a cluttered environment. 


Healthy Employer-Employee Communication

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As there is a sudden lack of meeting known people physically, you might be noticing a sudden awkwardness in communicating online. Now, this might play a vital role in employer-employee misunderstandings. 

If an employee is unable to communicate their grievances, it can be challenging for the employer to solve them. 

They might also not be aware of your private timings, which can lead to tension at the e-workplace. 

Meaning, your work pressure sometimes can be due to issues outside of the project hours. And you can try to communicate. self-care, and provide yourself some breathing space to relax.

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