Low Budget Body Budilng Diet

Unfortunately most of the things in this world come for a price. Luxury, wellness and even fitness. It’s quite difficult to achieve pro-level fitness without investing money into it. Indeed you have variety of supplements- Protein, BCAA, specific amino acids, creatine to support your body building but they do cost a fair amount of money.

I’ve been asked a lot of times mostly by students that how can we build our body without spending too much? I would say it is actually possible to achieve your body building goals without making a dent in your pocket just by making a smart selection of items in your diet. Here’s how your protein rich daily budget meal should look like:

Meal 1: Breakfast

I believe, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A lot of people do not take it seriously. Its advisable not to skip or mess up with it. Try avoid eating foods that have excess carbs, fats or are oily. Smart choice could be:

Oats Banana Athelio

Milk (Rs. 8) + 60gm oats (Rs9) + 10-12 almonds (Rs.8) + 1 spoon flax seed( Rs. 4) + 1 banana (Rs. 5) + 2 boiled eggs (Rs. 12)

Meal Cost = Rs. 46

Nutritional Profile:

Carbs    – 80g
Protein  – 33g
Fats       – 25g
Fiber      – 10g
Calories – 650

Meal 2: Mid Morning Snack

You can take this meal while you are running between your classes or after reaching the office.

Chickpeas And Peanuts Athelio

50 gm Roasted unsalted chickpeas (Rs. 10) + 1 handful roasted unsalted peanut (Rs. 5)

Meal Cost = Rs. 15

Nutritional Profile:

Carbs     – 20g
Protein   – 10g
Fats        – 15g
Fiber       – 7g
Calories – 250

Meal 3: Lunch

Paneer Roti Dal Atehlio

Salad (Rs. 5) + 2 whole wheat roti (Rs. 5) + 1 bowl dal (Rs. 8) + 4 egg whites / 100gm paneer (Rs. 24)

Meal Cost = Rs. 42

Nutritional Profile:

Carbs     – 60g
Protein   – 30g
Fats        – 5g
Fiber       – 10g
Calories – 500

Meal 4: Pre Workout Meal

Curd Bread Athelio

You have to be careful about choice of food for this meal. Your body would need lot of carbs and some amount of protein before workout so as to use it like fuel for your exercises.

My all time favorite is

2 slices of bread (Rs. 5) + 1 tbsp peanut butter (Rs. 3) + yoghurt or 2 banana (Rs. 18)

Meal Cost = Rs. 26

Nutritional Profile:

Carbs     – 27g
Protein   – 10g
Fats        – 3g
Fiber      – 8g
Calories – 180

Meal 5: Post Workout Meal

Egg White Banana

You need to eat something that is rich in protein and gets absorbed by body quickly. If you find whey protein to be costly a much cheaper alternative would be:

6 egg whites (Rs. 36) + 2 bananas (Rs. 10)

Meal Cost = Rs. 46

Nutritional Profile:

Carbs    – 55g
Protein  – 25g
Fats       – 1g
Fiber      – 1g
Calories – 300

While egg whites would provide essential protein, bananas can help recover the salts lost by your body due to sweating

Meal 6: Dinner

Dinner Paneer Roti Dal Atehlio

Salad (Rs. 5) + 100gm paneer (Rs. 16) + 1 whole wheat chapati (Rs. 3) + 1 bowl dal (mandatory) (Rs. 8) + Any curry of your choice (optional)

Meal Cost = 32

Nutritional Profile:

Carbs     – 60g
Protein   – 30g
Fats        – 15g
Fiber      – 10g
Calories – 600

You need to keep in mind that dinner shall not be heavy. This meal should help you to recover from the workout you’ve had plus carbohydrates present should give your body a calorie mileage for the night.

Meal 7: Before bed meal

Banana Milk Athelio

30g unsalted roasted peanuts or banana (Rs. 5) + 500ml toned milk (Rs. 21)

Meal Cost = Rs. 26

Nutritional Profile:

Carbs     – 15g
Protein   – 25g
Fats        – 20g
Fiber       – 3g
Calories  – 350

Total Meal Cost Per Day = 231

Monthly Cost = 6930

There could be more low cost variations of above mentioned meals depending on the availability and cost. However, in the times of financial crunch especially in our student life, this meal plan could be really helpful. So go on and chase your goals!

Source : This meal plan has been inspired by Fittuber.


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