Aren’t you someone that hates waking up in the morning and find it even more difficult because you have to hit the gym. Well I’m for sure of that sort. While some people can find waking in the morning very stiff, it is also said by brainy maniacs that if you’re exercising, then the most apt time for that is just after you wake up. But do you ever wonder why that is so? I surely do although I could never get a just and satisfying answer at all. Although working out just after you wake up can make your heart work faster and harder making you feel energetic; there are certain points you should ponder upon before you decide when you want to work out.

Observe your body’s temperature.

It’s very important that you understand your body’s performance during your workout because that will help you determine whether you should start immediately after waking up or at some other time of the day. Exercise is most rewarding during the times of highest body temperature which is from mid to late afternoon. Your body’s temperature is very low 1 to 3 hours prior to waking and gradually increases as the day progresses.

What is your breakfast regime?

It is proven that your blood glucose concentrations are very low when you first wake up because all the energy you consumed from your dinner last night is drained down by morning. A good pre workout breakfast ensures you with adequate fuel to optimize your work. This can include bananas, whole grain cereal or toast, low fat milk, granola or an energy drink. Exercising on an empty stomach will make you weak or sluggish and so if you did not have a good pre workout breakfast, don’t go all depleted to the gym.

How does your body response?

Sometimes we encounter people who hit the gym on an empty stomach and still completed their workout sessions without feeling weak or sluggish. According to a research it is generally said that exercising on an empty stomach might make you burn more claories but there are risks that it might be cut short due to shortage of energy. So always have something to eat maybe just an orange or some other nutritious snack and then hit the gym.

The Final Explanation

There is no such concept that says that you should workout just after you wake up or before your volcano of responsibilities erupt. Whether you choose afternoon for your workouts or morning; aim for 30 minutes every day. Even simple aerobics can make you get rid of diabetes, heart attack, cancer or slow responsive immune system.
So choose the time which you are comfortable with because the type of time you gave to yourself won’t matter but the quality you achieved during that time, will.

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