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If you are looking for the best winter skincare, shea butter can be your answer. This rich and smooth matte creme can be the ultimate solution to keeping your skin soft, supple, and moisturized during this chilly winter.

You will find this shea butter in a multitude of products, ranging from moisturizers to body washes and even make-up products. 

But what exactly is this butter? Let us find out!

Shea butter comes from the nuts of the Karite tree’s nuts. The extraction from these tree nuts then goes into processing where it goes through boiling, crushing, and adding components. 

Now, these components include oleic acid, linoleic acid, and more. And the final product is soft, quickly-absorbant and can be beneficial to all your skin issues. 

Moreover, if you have dry skin, then a bit of the butter can help it stay away from cracking. So how does it so so? Let us check out!


Super Absorbant


While various creams can dry out your skin, one with shea can absorb quickly, providing a natural coating of moisture over your body. 

And this is possible due to its natural tree nut oil that can last over your skin for several hours. And with its naturally present vitamins E and F content, as well as fatty acids, it is the best choice for a well-moisturized skin. 


Healing and Anti Inflammatory


If your skin has burns from harsh chemicals from sops or swelling you can try shea butter. Its natural healing properties can help soothe your skin.

For example, your skin might have burn patches from sanitizer usage, you can apply shea buttercream every night. 

With time, your skin shall heal and feel more smooth and soft. 


Anti-Aging Properties


As we age, our skin’s collagen count decreases and stretches out, showing age marks. However, shea butter can increases your collagen count, helping to smoothen your skin and provide you a more youthful glow. 

Moreover, shea butter’s benefits are natural and will not have any side effects on your skin. 

In conclusion, shea butter is effective in various forms and is safe for daily usage. You can even purchase shea butter to mix with honey and olive oil to make face masks for yourself. 

Of course, for any allergic history, makes sure to consult your dermatologist before usage!

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