Internet is full of advertisements and articles that guarantee you a magical formula to “Build 15 lbs of muscle in 15 days” or “Grow 3 inches of muscle size with our 4 week program”. Although, we have become smarter to understand how ridiculous this is. But unfortunately a lot of people fall in the trap/scam of these websites.

Run away from these scams! Our bodies have a limit for building muscles.

Here’s the answer

Realistically speaking, as a beginner if you are focusing just right on your workouts, nutrition and rest then you should be able to gain 1-2 lbs (500gm-1kg) of muscle per month.

If you are extremely underweight then you have chances of gaining around 2-3 lbs (1-1.5kg) per month.

Shocked, right? I know it might be surprising for you to know the difference between what you’ve always imagined and the reality.

However, it doesn’t end here. As you progress with your gains and lifting abilities, rate of muscle gain would decrease as well. So, its better to be honest with yourself in setting up the achievable goals and be happy with the success.

Here’s an example

In order to put things in perspective, let’s say you are 5’9 weighing 145 lbs (65 kgs) and have 15% body fat. Now, if you start working out. Assuming all your diet, routine and rest is in place, in 1 year you should be able to gain 12-15 lbs(5.5-7kg) of muscle.

In this process, try to reduce the body fat to 10-12%. That being the case, you would be 160 lbs (72kgs) with 10-12% body fat. Believe me, that would look amazing!

If your goal is to gain 50lbs (25kg) of muscle (I’m talking about just the muscle) it would take you 4-5 years to accomplish this. Just remember that tendency of your body to attain muscle would decrease each year.

So, break your goal of building 50lbs of muscle into smaller targets. Say, gaining 5lbs (2.5kg) muscle is your first target then you should take 3-4 months to accomplish this. Set your next goal to gain 10lbs of muscle.

This would help you to be satisfied with your achievements and keep you motivated for your longer vision.

Don’t compare/aim yourself with your fav bodybuilder

Let me be very straight forward with you. Unless you are planning to pick up bodybuilding professionally, you will never look like your favorite professional bodybuilder

I’m not being negative, rather I’m helping you to set up realistic goals for yourself and achieve the best body as per your body type. There is no point in getting disappointed at the end and give up eventually.

Guys you see in those muscle advertisements are professional top-level athletes. They have access to some of the best supplements available and professional nutritionists working on them. You should get inspired/motivated by them but set realistic goal keeping your body in mind.

All of us can build a good amount of muscle in the right time frame and being consistent with your nutrition, workouts and rest. So go and build some muscle!

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