What kindof morning person are you? The one who snooze their alarm to get the healing miraculous sleep of 5 more minutes or you wake up all vibrant and energetic as soon as your alarm beeps. Well I would like to choose the former as for my reference. Mornings can be tough, especially when you have rough sleepless and troublesome nights. Also if that’s not the case, mornings are pains.

Well my parents always advised me to wake up early and never sleep late but thanks to our work culture and mesmerisation with western tantrums; we all have become late night joggers. I did not understand the concept of morning routine unless I read a Forbes article about how much importance they hold which made me realise how much life I am losing by not having one.

Morning routines don’t mean you have to start your day with 5 or 6 in the morning. It is that transition phase yourself from the time you wake till the time you leave your abode. This can comprise of meditation, yoga, hitting the gym or just sipping coffee.

The kind-of morning routine you follow speaks a lot about your personality. An effective morning routine not only leads to a more active you but it eases you through a mental and physical satisfaction. You not snap amidst your meeting, or don’t feel all tired and sans energy.

Points to take consideration of while preparing a morning routine

• Be light and easy with yourself. Your morning routine should not a follow up of someone. It should be well versed with you. It should ease you in not throw you out for the entire day.

• Create a routine which you can follow easily. It’s not important to indulge a lot of elements in your routine. Start with simple tasks you can accomplish.

• Include any physical activity. A light run across the park, or a mild jog along the lake will do wonders for you. Not only will it rejuvenate you mind but will satisfy your soul too. If you think you have time to hit the gym plan accordingly or you can just sit in your room and meditate, do pranayama or whatever you want.

• Gradually increase the number of elements. Don’t crowd your routine will all that you think is impressive because you don’t need to lure anyone else but you. Start simple and easy.

• Remember not your works but your actions will speak. Being creative is no harm but always perform things you think you are capable of doing.

A routine is not necessarily toning your body, looking all fit and healthy but what is more important is your mental fitness. Until and unless your mind is at ease your body cannot be. So try it easy and try it today.

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