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Alzheimer’s is a disease wherein a person has a progressive disease that destroys memory and other important mental functions. This is a disease that is found among people who are 60+ in age.

For those of the 50 million+ people, it was a heartbreaking news that no cure was found for this particular disease. Studies also reveal that in the upcoming years above 100 million+ people will be affected with Alzheimer’s.

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This unavailability of medicine will lead to a major number of people being untreated. This is when some of the studies prove that Alzheimer’s can be cured by performing exercises. Even though no strong evidence has been obtained. However, it has been observed that in Alzheimer affected mice that it can be cured by physical workout. This also includes that the Alzheimer affected mice and humans may not have the same effect, hence not making sure if it is possible.

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The brain of an Alzheimer’s individual is a hard place with a lot of junk. This junk needs to be cleaned so that the memory sustains. The central idea revolves around that Alzheimer is caused due to amyloid plaque accumulation. These are the dumps of beta amyloid (cells) which has lost connection between nerve cells. This gives rise to amyloid hypothesis. However it is still under reevaluation on its credibility.

Exercise alone can increase the growth of new improved nerve cells, hence, curing Alzheimer’s. Also in some of the mouse models it can be found that they could recover brain function, specifically memory. This study also disapproves of the fact that the amyloid hypothesis pointed out about amyloid plaques and hence it is not necessary to eliminate them to cure Alzheimer’s disease. There’s still evidence that plaque can be found in brains of healthy individuals as well.

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However, the mouse models are failing to translate into humans. Also even if they do, the scientists will have to do this on a wide range of mouse genes. This can also be overlooked upon that by generation of new cells this disease can be avoided or cleaned up. Hence exercise plays a very important role in this!

Source: Based on Scientific American Report

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