Today’s lifestyle is synonyms with stress and anxiety. Polls conducted prove that not more than 10% of people have professional satisfaction. Your targets are not completed, a tough day at work, heart disease and what not. To counter it, you engage in frequent visits to the doctor and popping in pills.

There is no advice that can help you out until and unless you effective remedies to tackle it. Exercise is one of the best ways to relieve you of stress and anxiety.

What is the correlation between stress and exercising?

It creates a chemical changes in your brain: When your stress levels increase a lot, exercising helps by releasing the stress hormone; cortisol. This hormone shifts your body in a survival mode by adjusting your blood sugar, metabolism, immune system, blood vessels and heart contractions and other important functions. Conversely, exercising also helps to remove the cortisol released due to stressors.

Exercising also helps to stimulate blood flow transporting new blood through the blood vessels. This blood is accompanied with oxygen being provided to the needy tissues. This also affects your brain activity. When your brain functions properly; it starts producing endorphins. These endorphins which are also known as feel good neurotransmitters will induce a sense of mental health being and euphoria.

Another hormone called norepinephrine is released by adrenal gland in response to stressful situations. Its effects include like those of increasing heart beat, breathing rate and tensing of muscles. These hormones involve all your systems together. All in all exercising helps to train your communication system to function better.

Stimulating a healthy behaviour:

Releasing of endorphins results in elevated oxygen levels and strengthening of muscles that leads to a healthy and positive attitude. Exercising helps to increase your body’s tolerance to stress.

It is similar to meditation:

It bestows you with similar benefits like meditation. It helps you to concentrate only on one task. It also diverts your mind from all the worries and makes you think of all the other possible alternatives which might not strike you in usual sense. Exercising provides you the same benefits as done by meditation. With the increasing reps your levels of energy and optimism also elevates. It is also noticed that people find a sudden charge in their mood after few minutes of workout.

Other additional benefits:

• A better night’s sleep.

• A sudden boost in energy.

• Pumping of more blood buy the heart in turn improving blood circulation.

• Prohibits you from consuming pills for medical conditions like hypertension.

• Keeps a check on your weight.

• Strengthened muscles and bones.

• Better immunity.

Types of exercises to practice in order to counter stress:

Low impact aerobic exercises like biking, brisk walking, jogging, swimming, water aerobics, playing certain sports, dancing and rowing will help you to combat stress.

Although there are a lot of exercises you can undertake but it’s better to take up tasks that make you feel happy about yourself. If any of these exercises make you feel anxious, then you avoid practicing them.

Handling stress is better than worrying about it. Choosing natural ways to combat it should be followed because no matter what popping pills every night won’t help you in any way.

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