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In today’s times, an ample 6-7 hours of sleep feel like an unattainable dream, for most ages. While a teen is burdened with school work and projects, a college student’s life has an overwhelming amount of activities to a point where a ‘good night’s sleep’ becomes a mere term.

With the stress surrounding studies and work, Insomnia is a common occurrence which cause difficulty in deep or peaceful sleep. A moderate session of aerobics have been shown to reduce the time taken to fall asleep than a day without little to no exercise.

Following are the Importance of exercise for sleep, the connection to it and few small yet integral tips to how to blend both the activities well.

How Both Blend

A Daily afternoon and night naps restore the cycle back. Both can be timed right through exercise as working out increases duration of sleep. It raises the body temperature hence resetting the waking and sleeping cycles. This rise in temperature cools down around the night which provokes the body to rest from the refreshed senses.

Heavy workouts are discouraged around night-time or before sleep as in that moment it wakes the senses up which should be near their need to rest and charge up for the next day. Better than disturbing the sleep pattern for the sake of fitness, an early morning exercise regime after a good night’s nap.

It has been found that from a dedicated 4 weeks session of aerobics and yoga, insomnia and sleep-paralysis are lessened from severe occurrences to just random and rare occasions.

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Effect of Exercise on Sleep Patterns

Better Sleep- Sleep quality improves with daily exercise. A mid-afternoon or evening work-session raises the body temperature which cools down post bed time leading to a need to doze off.

More Amounts of Sleep The body gives away a lot of energy through workout sessions, tiring one enough for the need of an extended nap. The overworked body calms down, releasing heat steadily which crave a need to rest while bringing down the temperature. Hence a consistency in daily workout promotes better and longer sleep cycles.

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Minimizes Stress and Anxiety-Prolonged work hours are not only stressful but reduces the sleep cycles greatly, which in turn stresses one up during work hours. Sleep and stress, unfortunately compliments each other as stress can cause a distraction in the sleep pattern which later leads to being more stressed and anxious.

If some time can be invested into Yoga or aerobics, depending upon how busy individuals are, it might lead to a calmer mind during work.

Types of Workouts For a Well Rested Soul

Aerobic or Cardio Exercises- Heart-racing activities such as cycling, treadmills, swimming and jogging warm up the body at a quicker rate. Cardio relieves one of insomnia as the body is prone to yearning for rest to calm itself down after approximately 30 mins. of diligent workout.

Strength Training Sessions- Lifting relieves and lessens stress and insomnia. The build up heat from strength related workouts cools down later needing the body to de-stress and unwind. Weightlifting routines helps maintaining a daily schedule so the daily sleep pattern isn’t disturbed.

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Yoga- Yoga is the ultimate key to overall relaxation. It soothes the nerves and unwinds the body, letting it cool down and de-stress through breathing and slow but steady stretching exercises. Yoga is perhaps the only acceptable workout before heading to bed as it helps the body to ease down and repose quickly. Yoga lessens sudden break of rest in the midnight as stress and paranoia are lessened through daily practice.



It is recommended to contact a doctor if insomnia or sleep paralysis are chronic in occurrences and do not heal after exercise. But for self-healing, one can attempt yoga or aerobics to keep the mind from stressing out.


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