Well exercising doesn’t bestow its blessings only on your body and muscles, it also promotes healthy hair, but only if you’re not doing excess of it. Heard your elders saying- excess of everything is bad. Well, it stands true here. If you’re trying to lose weight then cutting down your calories is a good idea but if you’re stressing on your exercises too much, all your nutrients and vitamins are being used up.

So does this mean that you stop exercising? Well obviously not. But you have to start using effective measures to counter your hair loss.

Causes of your hair loss

Unlike genetic hair loss, the hair loss you experience due to strenuous exercising is only temporary. Relief! Athletes often fall prey to this kind of hair loss due to excessive exercising, poor nutrition and inadequate hair care. But the good news is that you can reverse it.


Well this is most common reasons of all hair losses. When you start hitting the gym you somewhat have a cut back on what you eat. Instead of this, start realizing the benefits of eating fresh and wisely. While this will help you attain the proper nutrients, it will also help you to hit the gym stringer the next day.


You actually place your body in a state of chronic stress with excessive exercising. This creates an imbalance in your body deteriorating your overall health, including your hair. Therefore, if you think you have too much of stress in your life currently, its better to take a break from strenuous workouts.


Well using anabolic steroids to boost your performance can also lead to hair loss. Athletes mainly suffer from this, because of growing pressure on increasing effectiveness.


Female athletes mainly suffer from this. Iron deficiency can be also a consequence to hair loss. It is termed as alopecia and happens in circular areas of your scalp. Taking iron pills is one way to reverse this baldness.

Sweat Buildup:

Well showering after workout is a great idea, not because of the heat, but to remove the sweat and grease that have built up in your scalp. Also wash off any hats that you were wearing because that can also lead to hair loss. In all, keep your scalp healthy. Also swimming in public pools consisting of chlorinated water can also lead to hair fall.

So, How to take care of your hair

Get enough nutrients and prevent any sweat buildup in your hairs. Also it’s important to understand that maintaining balance between your workouts is important. Excessive exercising will not lead to earlier results instead you’ll go crazy with all the cravings and stress. Because obviously you would not want to risk your workouts with baldness.

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