How Excess Alcohol Can Lead You to Muscle Loss

An overworked soul craves some relaxation and fizzy warm glassful can make the weekends slower. Wine might be for the finer taste but definitely destroys a finer body. Alcohol does not provide a single bit of nutrients for muscle mass, but rather reverts it back to a lumpy state. Being intoxicated is a known health risk when consumed in huge quantities as it leads to loss of metabolism.

Slow metabolism only means that the ‘drunk munchies’ eaten after alcohol do not break down well inside the body, putting in extra calories. Not to forget, alcohol causes dehydration which slows down physical performance.This completely ruins the efforts put in through lifting and muscle-building. Following are the adversities of drinking alcohol when one is on a fitness regime.

Protein Fusion

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To put it simply, it is the process of protein, sourcing from food and supplements turning into muscles. During strenuous regimes, when small tears occur in the muscles, they are repaired through protein synthesis leading to more built up and bigger muscles.

It has been found that the food intake within the 48 hours window before any muscle training has the best effects on the regime itself. But if alcohol is put into that menu, it completely destroys the efforts of the regime as alcohol can halt the entire process of protein synthesis.

Influence on Testosterone

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Testosterone is the primary cause of muscle. It is one of the main portions of steroids as well. The more testosterone levels a body has, more the muscle growth. Unfortunately, alcohol can completely stall the process as it is known to reduce the testosterone levels in a body. Lowered testosterone proceeds to loss of protein fusion, completely stopping muscle growth altogether.

Impact on Growth Hormones

Growth hormones play an integral part in increasing muscle mass. It works alongside testosterone and muscle fusion to build muscles in the body through growth and cell reproduction. Growth hormones aid in regulating body fluids, compositions, fat metabolism and even heart functions.

It has come to knowledge that muscle growth takes place mostly when the body is at rest. Muscles grow during sleep after proper workout sessions. Alcohol on the other hand, reduces testosterone count in the blood flow, converting it to estrogen that retains fat and fluid in a body, Alcohol also overpower the growth hormones, thereby preventing them from building muscles.

Negative Effect on Liver

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It is universally known that liver falls the biggest prey to increased alcohol consumption. Alcohol can drastically reduce the blood sugar levels and cause a fatty liver where the fats get build up in the blood stream, bloating one and reducing the muscles to fat.

Increased Speed in Muscle Loss for Older Women

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A woman’s body post menopause loses a good chunk of muscle mass and strength. It begins post mid-50s and slowly progresses towards the body having quite less muscle mass by 80s. The progress does not remain slow if the body has high amounts of alcohol intake as, shown through above reasoning, alcohol reduces the metabolism rate where a natural muscle loss also speeds up.

There is no need to feel down as alcohol is safe in moderation. It is suggested that social drinkers can avoid the aforementioned negative impact of alcohol in the body, as drinking twice or thrice a month with adequate time gaps in-between does not have the dire consequences. As alcohol dehydrates the body, sufficient water intake before a drinking session would be much appreciated by the body.

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