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Just imagine one day without any stress. Is it possible? Even when you’re currently reading this your body and brain is undergoing an immense amount of stress even without you knowing it! There’s a little tiny part of your brain which produces something known as “stress hormones”. These stress hormones when they enter into your body gets you into action mode! Ready to fight!(or maybe flight depending on the situation). This is the moment where you actually do not get much time to think where you are or what you’re doing. You just take off with whatever you’re feeling at that instant. This particular condition can take you to the path of risk.

Its something that everyone eventually experiences at a particular time in life. Managing these can also create stress. But managing them could also control them in a very steady manner. Stress can be created due to various conditions such as:

  • Death of a close one
  • War
  • When you’re about to hear a news(be it good or bad)
  • Even when you’re happy

Yes it is absolutely true that you can be stressed out even when you are happy. Also stress can be identified by various symptoms such as insomnia, depression, headache, anxiety, getting angry, etc.

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While there are 5 systems that are affected by this stress, they can be listed as:

1. Digestive system:

Diabetes is a major concern if you undergo a lot of amount of stress. As this little stress can cause your liver to form sugars which might then increase the sugar content in your body. Also, this will take you to a stage where you cannot eat any sweets, which you wouldn’t want to happen! You may also be affected by upset stomach, heartburn or acid reflux. Which may also lead to diarrhea or constipation, nausea, vomiting or a stomach-ache.

2. Central nervous and Endocrine systems:

This particular system is very important to your body. Even though its brain that sends the signals, It’s the central nervous system that actually makes it work. Once you’re under stress you will experience increased heart beat, blood gushing through your body, muscle stiffness, etc. These symptoms also don’t go away easily even after the stress level is reduced.

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3. Reproductive system:

Well you absolutely don’t wanna miss those steamy long nights of sex, do you? Oh, so here’s the thing with stress. If stress continues for a long time, a man’s interest in sexual desires will drop, whereas for women, it will affect your periods! You already know how stressful it can be as it is. Above that imagine getting irregular, heavier and more painful periods.

How Does Stress Affect Your Body

4. Immune system:

While stress has many negative side effects there are positive ones as well. This means that immune system can actually be sped up and will help in healing of your wounds or fighting against disease. However, the more prolonged stress you have, the more risk you will face. Stress for a short time will not be much harmful, but for a long time it can have various consequences such as flu and common cold.

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5. Cardiovascular diseases:

This adversely affects your heart. Also if you have asthma then its like you have cherry on the cake! It will actually increase the risk that was otherwise on the brink. It can also increase your blood pressure level and also increases risk of stroke or heart attack.

This is actually what stress can do, now that you know about it, you would’ve understood how important it is control your stress levels.

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