Ever walked into a gym which is silent as a movie theatre? Well obviously if this is the environment of the gym; there is certainly something wrong with it. You might have seen motivational loud rap music being played on the big screen of the gym and other than that some people have your ear phones on and you think like why is it so important to have music on when you’re working out and what is the correlation between them?

As the world music day is approaching, we thought to discuss this aspect of working out too. It is just not the trend followed to listen to music while working out, but there is a psychological explanation behind it too.

It gets you motivated

Now obviously nobody likes waking up in the morning and hitting the gym. All of us have rough nights and work to remember. But then that is where music comes in. It gives you energy and motivation to go to the gym. You’re mind starts elevating your levels of happy hormones so that you can go with the trail of the day.

It gets us moving

Now not all kind of music does that. People have a particular taste of genre and only when that is fed to their ears is when it works like a drug to implant you with those rhythmic moves. That’s the reason why some people have their earphones on while music is being played in the gym because that is not their genre. The fast beats will get you all high intensity.

Your performance is enhanced

Now if you try working out in the gym with music which is actually called as the self paced exercise, your mind will be distracting with how tough your regime is. Your performance level is enhanced by 15% if we workout with our favorite music playing.

It elevates your mood

Your body responds less to fatigue when you’re listening to music. Good tunes and sweaty workout helps you to elevate your mood by releasing hormones responsible for it. They reduce the levels of stress hormones and make you feel at ease.

Well today’s generation is all about technology and advancements in it. But only when it is put to good use is when you get the best benefits out of it. Music has become a very important part of your life and workouts are actually plain without them. So get your favorite playlist on repeat mode and get going.

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