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Dark chocolate is luscious, decadent, and an overall delicacy for your heart health. Be it 50% cacao, or a whopping 75%, you already know that loving dark chocolate is an acquired taste. 

Various studies show that dark chocolate also has a special link to our heart health. Meaning, the cacao plant is slowly becoming the root of curing multiple heart problems.

Hence, you can chomp on your favorite dessert snack with zero-guilt. 

And to do that here is all you need to know:-

Dark Chocolate Improves Blood Circulation

Bloodcirculation Athelio heart health

If you are finding difficulty in walking or moving your joints, might be due to a lack of blood in your hands and knees. And is something quite a dangerous suffering from peripheral artery disease (PAD) 

By having a bite or two of dark chocolate, you can regain proper blood circulation to your arms and knees. Moreover, this can improve your speed and stamina. 


It is a Boon for Stroke Risk Reduction

Heartstroke Athelio heart health

A nice slab of dark chocolate can help reduce your risk of having a stroke. 

Multiple studies show that dark chocolate has a strong link to reducing risks of coronary diseases, heart risks, strokes, and various other ailments. 

So if you are craving some bitter goodies, grab a bite guilt-free!


Dark Chocolate: The Answer to Lowering Stress?

Stress Athelio heart health

The scene of Sirius Black handing a chocolate slab to Harry in Harry Potter was not just a screen moment. Harry received it right after a dementor attack to reduce stress. 

Dark chocolate’s contribution to helping cope with stressful situations impact overall heart health. An unhealthy amount of daily stress can slowly creep into your heart health.

Hence, a bit of meditation and a small block of dark chocolate can surely help you stay away from ailments from stress. 


Dark Chocolate: The Secret to Balanced Blood Pressure

Pressure Athelio heart health

While milk chocolates and cookies are forbidden, dark chocolate is perfect to balance your blood pressure. 

Blood pressure can be a hassle, especially due to its cause being obesity. And if you are obese, milk chocolate desserts are a no-no.

However, dark chocolate is a safe option to boose your overall health, including your brain health. Moreover, dark chocolate has powerful antioxidants that are beneficial for your heart’s wellness. 

So are you ready to fill your pantry with some dark chocolate delicacies? 

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