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Staying at home, extended working hours, or binge-watching Netflix and nonetheless, the pandemic outside. No longer we can workout in the closed gyms and even if they are open, we are a bit hesitant to join them back. We all are concerned about the safety and wellness of our family members and ourselves. Owing to the pandemic, we cannot add the risk of coming in contact with the virus.

These factors might make us a bit lazy to motivate us for a workout, considering the constant juggle between work, life, children in-home schooling, and house chores. Yet, we have to keep ourselves motivated and aware of our health, especially during these times when strong immunity has become the most popular term of 2020.

We can do simple and effective work from home exercises. The heavy equipment in the gym can be substituted with the following. You can easily convert your home into a gym and get in some exercise as you work.


Water Bottles

These can easily replace the dumbbells. Here’s how angela_gargano shows you how you can use them for simple yet effective workouts.


The best way to give a boost to your cardiovascular levels. You can experiment so much here with stair hops, side steps, stair lunges, and the list goes on. If nothing, just a brisk up and down after meals is all you need to jiggle your body up. Be careful and keep experimenting.


Very simple moves like chair burpees and chair crunches using your own body weight can make you move out of your excuse zone and can be done right in your living rooms. Here how kirastokesfit is making it so simple and effective.



A long day at your laptop, grab a towel with both hands, and try moving it from front to back. This will help you release the strain in your back and neck. It helps in giving a good stretch before a workout as well.

Duffle bag

Fill the duffle bag with some clothes from your laundry and get set go. Here’s how emilyschromm puts everything in place you need to do.


Stuck at home cannot be an excuse to not work out. Use your creativity and you don’t need much to get that push to convert you home into a home gym. Stay fit, stay active, and keep yourself motivated.

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