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Protein-based food is an important part of our daily meal intake. However, in terms of the protein source, each of us has our preferences. While most tend to consume meat and fish-based meals for a rich source of protein, those who are vegetarians might feel that their choices are limited. 

Well, let us today break that myth. Vegetarian choices are plenty, and beneficial. They are helpful in:

  • Improving digestion.
  • Boosting heart health.
  • Revving metabolism, and more!

You can check these dairy sources as well if you are not following a vegan diet.


Peas Athelio

Peas are a rich source of protein, with 12.8g protein per 200 calories. The best part, it has a total amount of 1% fat per 100g, making it the best option for a protein-rich, healthy meal component.

You can add it to your curries, salads, and more, for your daily cooking. 


Mushrooms Athelio

Mushrooms provide a beautiful earthy taste to all dishes. And button mushrooms, for example, can add in about 27.5g protein per 200 calories. 

Moreover, with its low fat and carbohydrates content, you can make scrumptious dishes such as garlic mushrooms, or grilled mushrooms.

Peanut Butter

Peanutb Athelio

If you want to try out a sweet, healthy dish, or just plain love peanuts, the butter extract is as good as it can be. 

As a vegetarian source, peanut butter contains only about 8.2g of protein in 200 calories. 

And with its moderately good fat content of 25% to 32g (2 tablespoons), you can use it for occasional delicacies like granola bars, noodle salads, and more!

Lentils or Pulses

Pulses Athelio

Now, lentils can be of various types. Kidney beans, chickpeas, black beans, and white beans, are some of the most-used pulses and lentils, used in our everyday dishes. 

Of course, each type of pulses, have variations in their protein contents. For example, by the per-cup basis-

  • Kidney beans: 31%
  • Black beans: 30%
  • Chickpeas: 29%. &
  • White beans: 35%

Hence, depending on your comfortable intake, you can choose your desired beans, and go for some warm soups, curries, stews, and various other soul-warming dishes. 

So what shall be your protein-rich veggie of the day? Don’t forget to share your favorites! 

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