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Healthy snacks are always a must, especially if you are working from home on the weekdays. 

However, finding healthy snacks can be a challenge. And in such a moment, you might find various online sites that provide several healthy snacking options!

So today, we shall look into some simple, affordable healthy snacks you can get from a plethora of stores online!

Fox Nuts

Irresistible 10-Minute Roasted Phool Makhana / Foxnuts | Simmer to Slimmer

source: https://simmertoslimmer.com/roasted-phool-makhana/

Fox nuts are one of the simplest superfoods that you can snack on, any time of the day. And due to their rich anti-oxidants content, foxnuts contain a certain amount of anti-aging properties which also helps losing weight. 

And that is not all as a superfood, foxnuts are high in fiber, making them a healthier snack than chips and sugary biscuits. 

You can saute foxnuts dry in a pan, or even find flavored ones such as in wasabi or peri-peri versions. 


Wholewheat Thins

homemade wheat thins, an easy and quick cracker, we use coconut oil instead of butter depending on who's eating … | Vegan snacks, Homemade snacks, Homemade crackers

source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/210261876322869291/

Wholewheat thins are baked crackers, which can substitute chips and cereals any day. 

This is as, wholewheat thins contain the right amount of fat, carbohydrates, and protein that your body needs as macronutrients. 

And the super-conscious healthy source of energy is exactly what your body needs during work hours. 

In addition to the healthy nutrients, wholewheat thins are rich in fiber content, helping you feel fuller with even a small amount of snacks.

Wholewheat thins are great if you suffer from heart diseases, as it reduces the risk of cardiovascular attacks. 

Not to forget, wholewheat thins are available in a variety of flavors, such as cheese, cream & onion, or simply salted!


Ragi Chips

Ragi Chips - Healthy Dig

source: https://healthydig.in/product/ragi-chips/


Ragi or finger millet is quite popular among fitness freaks. And you can get ragi chips through online shopping to satisfy your edibles cravings. 

The best part about ragi is the right amount of protein and fiber content you can receive from one packet of ragi chips. 

Moreover, this is a perfect snack if you are looking to eat through a weight-management dieting schedule. 

Of course, ragi chips, like all other healthy snacks, come in various flavors such as jalapeno, peri-peri, chili garlic, and more!!

Do you have a favorite healthy snack idea for your WFH schedule? Don’t forget to share!

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