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Food festivals are my absolute favorite! Since my lazy adult self would not opt for long vacations, food festivals and meets were my winter staples.
But if there is one thing I have learned, the food I love doesn’t always love me back. In fact, it might get me ill or be bedridden for life If I’m not careful.

So instead of ditching the ol’ favorites, I learned we can always find a proper healthy substitute.
Here’s how I changed up and so can you.

1. Popcorn for Chips

Popcorn Athelio Com

If you cannot stop munching on some crunchy goodies while on phone of a book, here’s a little switch. Keep the bags of potato chips off and munch on some fresh popcorn. These are healthy and does not contain any amount of unhealthy fat.

2. Avocado for Butter

Avocado Bread Athelio Com

Getting bored of the daily morning toasted bread with butter? Choose an avocado topping. Butter on a regular might affect your body fat and cholesterol levels. Avocado, on the other hand, is a fresh and healthy option

3. Chilled Grapes for Lollipops

Black Grapes Athelio Com

Who can say no to Ice-lollies.. ? Well, me. It is a childhood favorite but as grown-ups, we need to upgrade our feel-good snacks Chilled, juicy and crunchy, there is another little pop on the list, grapes. Refrigerate a bowl of grapes and pop them on the go, It is not only refreshing but a rich source of vitamins.

4. Smoothies instead of Juices

Fruit Smoothies Athelio Com

Summer is at our toes, which means fresh fruits and juices. But with on-the-go demands, prep time has lowered and so has the health benefits. Our chilled smoothies and canned juices have high amounts of sugar, deteriorating our heart health by the minutes. Well not to worry as Mother nature giveth. Make your own refreshing drink with fresh fruits and healthy yogurt. This has zero sugar content other than from the fruits and is 100% more refreshing.

5. Salmon for Red Meat

Grilled Salmon Athelio Com

We all love some grilled lamb chops. But red meat has its own drawbacks. Red meat such as mutton or lamb can seriously affect our health if we aren’t careful amount quantity. To cut the risk, opt for salmon. This fish is omega rich and provides a good amount of healthy fat to our system.

Al these options are scrumptious and of course, the healthiest switches I could think of for me. Let’s hope you love them.

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