Hairstyles That Could Make You Look Good In Gym

Getting hair in a pony or a bun is not a preferable option as it might be hard to even take a look at your hair while you’re working out! It also actually irritates when it comes onto your face while trying to work out! I mean we already are under a lot of stress and we do not want another headache forming in our head just because of some silly strands of hair.

These hairstyles are of great help when it comes to gathering your hair at a right place. They can be done on a short to medium length of hair. These are sleek and will be in place for a long time! they will keep you looking good for a long while but you can also actually wear them all day long!

Hairstyle 1: Bubble Braid:

Literally the most simple and will stay on for quiet a long time as well. It only takes a minute to finish this off! All you need is 5+ clear elastic, depending on your hair length.

H 1 Athelio Com

Steps to be followed:

  1. First of all, remove all the knots by brushing your hair.
  2.  Take a section and secure it with an elastic band.
  3. Pick two strands from either sides of your temples and add it to the first section and secure it tightly again with an elastic band.
  4. Take the next strands from near your hair and add it to the previous section.
  5. Continue this along the length of your hair.
  6. Once all your hair is secured, tie it at the end with a clear elastic to finish the look.

Tips that can be used:

  • Use elastic that have the same colour as your hair.
  • Stretch the bubble created to give it a more voluminous look!
  • Volume can also be created by back combing your hair.

Hairstyle  2: Dutch Braid Updo:

You need 2 elastic and bobby pins.

H 3 Athelio Com

Steps to be followed:

  1. Create a middle partition.
  2. Now take a small section at the top and divide it into three sections. now start doing the normal dutch braid.
  3. Do it all the way down to your hair length.
  4. Secure it with a clear elastic.
  5. Repeat it on the other side.
  6. Cross the braids over at the bottom of your head.
  7. Now secure them with a bunch of bobby pins to get a finished sassy look.

Tips that can be used

  • Brushing your hair to get the frizz out is of great help.
  • Dutch braid is also known as the reverse of French braid.
  • If you have long hair you can pin it by taking it all the way around your crown length.

Hairstyle  3: French Braid Updo:

All you need is 2 hair elastic and bobby pins.

H 2 Athelio Com

Steps to be followed:

  1. Part your hair into two sections
  2. Now start on the right side by taking three strands and doing a normal French braid.
  3. Continue till your hairline ends.
  4. Repeat on the other side.
  5. Cross over and tuck them in with bobby pins to get the finished look.

Tips that can be used:

  • Braiding this hairstyle just above the ear is a great idea.
  • Angle your braids according to your hairline.
  • If you have long hair turn them all around the crown section.
  • Folding your braids can be of great help as they wont be fluffier and wont irritate you for a long while.

There you have it! No more excuses to miss out your gym. These will be of a great deal to you.

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