Hair Straighteners And Their Side Effect Athelio

Let me tell you it’s a DISASTER!! Ok I know most you who might have naturally straight hairs would think what this is about! This let me tell, you is one of the worst nightmare a girl can have due to usage of hair straighteners.

I know that all the girls out there who has frizzy damaged hair have that urge to use hair straighteners to get it look good. Well, the truth is that even though it may look good for a short while, it may have drastic side effects to your hair. Whether it has been done at home or at a salon it wont take much of a difference, except that you’ll be more prone to chemicals.

What are the side effects that we are talking about?

It may range from a simple hair dullness to more major hair loss problems. So shall we take a look at it?

1. Hair Fall:

As mentioned before this can also lead to hair fall. This heat due to straighteners can actually damage your hair as well as hair follicles. The chemicals also have adverse effects on your hair. And when you have weak hair roots definitely your hair is gonna fall out!

2. Breakage:

Due to excessive dryness it is obvious that all of your hair moisture will be taken off which will definitely lead to breakage of hair. This can lead to hair breakage right from the middle with no ways to repair them.

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3. Slow Hair Growth:

Straightening your hair frequently without using hair protectant can damage hair cuticle permanently, hence leading to slower growth.

4. Allergy:

This can be bad! As we use a lot of chemicals while doing straightening can be bad for your health as well as it could lead to allergic infections if any. It can include cases like skin rashes, irritation in your eyes, scalp and other allergies. This can however be cured by lot of treatment but it cannot be guaranteed though.

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5. Bad Hair Texture:

Along with dryness, this problem could make it even worse. Regaining this is not simple and it could be lost forever!

Some tips that could help you avoid the side effects:

  • Using your iron on a low or medium temperature is a must.
  • Also always no matter what, use a protectant to save yourself from regrets.
  • Never straighten hair when its wet NO!!!! You cannot do it! It will lead to more hair breakage.
  • Applying hair masks sometime during a week or so can help a lot!
  • Rinsing hair with apple cider vinegar can restore the lost shine.

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I can totally understand that if you don’t want to stop doing it, it’s absolutely fair and natural. These are really bad side effects but these can also be avoided if you take proper precaution and care. So enjoy doing it but also take precautions so that you don’t want to regret your doings afterwards!

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